William Skelley and iFunding’s First Annual Dinner

by WilliamV .

William Skelley is an alternative investment professional that is based in New York City. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of iFunding. iFunding is one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platform. Due to the success he has had with the firm, he has been named a member of the “Next generation of Real Estate Leaders.” He is now dedicated to accredited crowdfunding, a term that he came up with in 2012. Accredited crowdfunding is a concept that brings together accredited investors by pooling together small amounts of capital and using it to invest in properties that they cannot access as individuals. Before founding iFunding, he was a principal at Rose Park Advisors. He has also worked at Bain Capital, General Electric, and Olympus. He is also an advisor for startups.

iFunding held its first annual dinner on the 17th of January 2016, which was an only invite association. MarketWired says the dinner was organized by Michael Stoler, the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital, and the host of “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report,” a weekly TV show that focuses on real estate and business trends in the tri-state region. The invite list featured big names from the real estate firms around the world. Notable real estate firms that were represented at the dinner event include Carlyle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Kushner Companies.

CNBC tells us Skelley is among the first people to adapt the concept of real estate crowdfunding. He launched iFunding right after the ruling of the Title II of the JOBS Act in 2012. iFunding has now grown to become one of the leading names in online alternative real estate investment platform. His responsibility at the firm is to oversee business development activities and has so far overseen more than 40 real estate projects.

Michael Stoler has invited William Skelley to appear on one of his TV shows that will air in the Spring of this year. Also making an appearance on the show alongside Skelley is Paul Braungart, who is a previous sponsor of IFunding. The focus of the show will be the evolution of commercial real estate.

Facebook shows that iFunding facilitates debt and preferred equity fundraising for different types of real estate properties.

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