Why Lock and Walk Strategy is Appropriate for Netpicks

by WilliamV .


The technology sector selloff has caused a change in the sentiment on Wall Street. Previously, investors viewed the market as being unstoppable since it was dominated by an optimistic and arrogant attitude. Now, the market is experiencing extreme nervousness, which has never been seen before. Therefore, the change in sentiment has provided a great opportunity for a choppy market, particularly during the summer season. This is because of the low volumes of trading activities during the summer months. Succeeding in the choppy market environments requires a proactive strategy, for example, the Lock and Walk strategy. Netpicks, a renowned online trading company, has adopted the Lock and Walk strategy to provide trading education during the summer seasons.

The Strategy

The Lock and Walk strategy has been thriving over the years, especially during the choppy markets era. It was designed to; first, respect support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100 then trades to both the ProShare UltraShort QQQ and the ProShare Ultra QQQ. Moreover, this strategy is applied when support and resistance levels have been either broken or tested. For additional tips, check yelp.com.

The Lock and Walk strategy can be done by a person when he/she has complied with its rules. When ProShare Ultra QQQ tests support, target resistance is sold. On the other hand, when the resistance breaks, then an individual should sell ProShare UltraShort QQQ. These rules are similar to those used to carry out technical analysis. The Lock and Walk strategy is unique because it is designed to shut down when a person has gained 67 points. Thus, the shutdown goes up to the next trading session.   Useful link here

About Netpicks

Netpicks is a leading online trading company that specializes in providing trading education. The company is committed to helping traders to become successful in the markets through providing them with Futures, Stocks, and Forex in both day trading and swing trading. Netpicks has a trading experience of more than 25 years and an exceptional trading education experience of 17 years.

Netpicks’ trading systems were developed to achieve goals including achieving part-time income, full-time career, and completing a task in a few minutes. The company’s staff consists of real traders who are passionate about helping the other traders to accomplish their trading goals. Netpicks has a long-term relationship with its traders since they understand the challenges of trading.  For updates on NetPicks timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com

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