Understanding Venezuelan Investment Banking Industry by Martin Lustgarten

by WilliamV .

Investment banking industries have been facing a storm, to say the least. The storm has left most of these industry players scratching their heads over what they consider irregularities on Venezuela banks. Venezuela has been suffering from a troubled economy since 2014 which has seen most of its bank suffer along.


To withstand this storm Martin Lustgarten, a top Investment expert and Venezuelan banker reveals to other players in the banking industries on the tactics, they should use to ensure that they stay in business. He discloses to them that they should always be on top of their game when it comes to knowledge of the market. He is one of the best advisors when it comes to investing in the markets. His best advice is that market investment is a lifetime event and most investors who are in the market for a shorter time they are in a rude shock. He has evolved to be the most confident person when risking. He invests in long-term investments and advises that people should not invest in only one investment but rather a multi invest in the stock as and shares to receive the best results.


Martin Lustgarten thinks that although most of the Venezuelan bankers in the private sector have been offering their loans mostly to borrowers who they think deserve credit to streamline their costs and also have a sense of security, he thinks this could be a test to macro economy and the development of Venezuela. He goes on to add that the best possible thing that the government of Venezuela could do is making the investors feel more secure and introduce more market-oriented reforms and monetary somberness.


It is for this reason that the investment expert feels that he should educate investors who are willing to capitalize on these promising industry by giving a few basics tips. Martin says that a fresh face on Banking sector could help in turning thing around.

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