The Inspiring Research Career of Dr. Clay Siegall

by WilliamV .

Dr. Clay Siegall is a biotechnology professional who co-owns Seattle Genetics. He has been interested in the medical field from a young age, and this enabled him to acquire a wealth of experience. Over the years, he saw people suffering from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy treatments, and this motivated him to start researching on treatments that are less harmful. He has used his biotechnology and genetics knowledge in developing gene-based therapies that can assist in curing the condition.

Seattle Genetics was created in 1998, and it has brought together several researchers who work to come up with an ideal cancer treatment. The company has managed to get FDA approvals for some the drugs that it has developed. It funds its research work by selling drugs, offering technology licenses, manufacturing, and the revenue that is collected from its production partnerships. Clay said that developing cancer treatments and getting FDA approval has been challenging. The company has succeeded to be a major contributor to the pharmaceuticals industry despite the challenges that it faces.

Dr. Seigall has been acting as the chairman and CEO of Seattle Genetics from the time he founded it. The company is currently specializing in the development of targeted cancer treatments, and it was the first to launch the antibody drug conjugates technology. The top notch technology has helped in curing patients, and the company has offered licenses to various pharmaceutical manufacturers to use it in manufacturing drugs. Enterprises that have worked with Seattle Genetics include Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, and Bayer.

The biotechnology expert’s career has been a success. He is an alumnus of George Washington University and holds a Ph.D. in genetics. Clay has had an opportunity to be part of the boards of companies such as Ultragenyx, Mirna Therapeutics, and BioPharmaceuticals. He has been conducting research work since 1988 and currently has 15 patents for various biotechnology inventions that he has made. Siegall had helped Seattle Genetics in growing from the time when it had its IPO in 2001. The corporation has raised over $1.2 billion from private and public funding. It has also made significant profits from selling it therapies.