Slyce is the leading name in visual search

by WilliamV .

Search engines are probably the most important part of the internet. Without search engines we would not be able to find what we wanted when we wanted it. Everyday when people are looking for a particular product, they must type in the product name and find it on the web. Unfortunately, people often do not know the name of the product they want. This makes finding what you want, when you want it incredibly difficult. The people at Slyce recognized this problem and started working to develop a visual search engine.

Slyce’s team worked together to create an incredibly accurate visual search engine. The company launched in early 2012. At first, people weren’t using Slyce, but over the course of 2012 and 2013, they application grew in popularity. In early 2013, Slyce found a niche. Thousands of companies are trying to get their products in the hands of consumers, but when a consumer sees a product that they do not recognize, they may not be able to find the right store. Slyce launched visual product recognition technology working in conjunction with several major companies. The company continued to grow in popularity for the next four years, and is now the top visual search engine company.

Slyce has constantly attracted investors, which has fueled their growth. In late 2013, the company raised $6 million in funding. They used that money to acquire another visual search company. In 2014, they brought in over $10 million in funding. This ability to attract investors has helped Slyce grow into the company it is today.

The ability to put visual search software on mobile phones will allow visual search to reach new heights. Some analysts even believe that visual search will accomplish what QR codes simply couldn’t. QR codes were meant to make information about your company easy to access, but very few people were willing to open their QR reader for every code. Visual search will be much easier to use, and with Slyce leading the way, it will be easy to navigate.

Visual search technology will change the way we approach shopping and the internet. Slyce is working diligently to produce the visual search engine of the future, and their mobile visual search engine will open up new opportunities for you.

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