Securus Technologies Finding Escaped Inmates

by WilliamV .

When we have an inmate escape the jail, every law enforcement agency immediately goes on high alert. The reason this fugitive was on the run was because he was able to cut the power to the prison and have enough time to scale the fence before the emergency system kicked on. Unfortunately for us, he had a few hours head start, so we were unable to set up a perimeter to slow him down. Not knowing if he was in town or in another country, we had to wait to see.


Within a few hours of my team getting on the case, we got word of a stole vehicle and home robbery a mile from the prison. This was no coincidence, so we had to take action fast before he could get out of our city. Normally a fugitive will hide out for a few days until they think the heat has died down, then they take off to wherever it is they needed to be. This was the only chance we had, so we decided to turn our focus to the jail to see if anyone knew of this plan and could they provide us information to catch this suspect.


When we found out Securus Technologies recently installed a modern telephone monitoring system in that jail, we knew we could use it to break the case open. The LBS software can detect unique chatter on any subject, and since this Dallas-based company has the same monitoring system in thousands of jails, we were sure it could help. We got the alert one inmate was helping our suspect by allowing his family to offer him a safe house to hide. The inmate didn’t realize what he said could help us in our investigation, and that night we were able to locate the stolen car and suspect too.