Quality Services Regardless of Allegations-Securus Technologies Inc.

by WilliamV .

Securus Technologies Inc. which is a leader in the provision of communication services and products to the correctional facilities across the Northern America, recently we issued a press release to correct the misleading statements distributed by GTL. Some of the misleading statements and the corrections are as listed below.

  • According to the Patent Trust and Appeal Board, it has allowed GTL to move forward and seek compensation that was caused by Securus Technologies Inc. We as Securus Technologies Inc. trust that the case in the Federal Court in Texas is stayed and GTL can no longer seek for the compensations as it appealed. Instead, we are moving forward to the rehearing of the case.
  • GTL trusts that the Patent and Trust Appeal Board has conserved all the claims of the patent which they consider it protects their technology in the provision of services such as video visitation to the correctional facilities. Securus believes that the Patent Trust and Appeal Board did not review all the claims and our competitor is only challenging one dependent claim.
  • GTL was very grateful to the Patent and Trust Appeal Board for maintaining that all their innovations and technology were patentable. We as Secures know that the PTAB did not mention that their call GTL’S advanced technology as patentable, but they simply did not review their claims.
  • GTL is now seeking damages that were caused by Securus after using their patent in their video visitation services. At Securus, we know that the video visitation services in the correction facilities provided by GTL are no longer in use and so there is no case of breach or ban.

We are very aware that the patent case takes a very long time and it is very costly to pursue, and for this matter, we wonder if the allegations being made by GTL make any sense. We continue to protect our organization from our opponents attack, and we will not stop as long as GTL continues to make the same allegations.

Securus Technologies Inc. have our Headquarters in Dallas Texas, and we are proud and very devoted to serving more than 3450 correctional facilities and more than 1200000 inmates all over the Northern America.