Paul Mampilly Thinks Investors Need to Be Looking At The Food, Auto, And Medical Industries For Opportunities

by WilliamV .

The Daily Forex Report published the article “Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Investment” which discusses Mampilly’s input on the food industry and investment.

Mampilly has won a variety of investment awards, including the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition where he took a portfolio from $50 million to $88 million. He has also been a hedge fund manager where he grew multi-million dollar portfolios.

Mampilly believes the current moment is a great opportunity to consider the food industry. He believes food companies are beginning to change and adapt to the millennial generation. Food companies are looking to provide meals to the non-cooking millennials, which may provide a great investment opportunity for savvy investors.

Companies like Plated and Blue Apron cater to the generation that prefers eating out to cooking. Because many millennials are beginning to have children of their own, they are looking for a way to connect with their families over home cooked meals. These companies provide a variety of meals that specialize in delivering meals even within restrictive diets like paleo, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

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Because millennials have seen the rates of obesity and diabetes increase dramatically during their lifetime, they are paying more attention to what they eat and how to eat healthily. The food delivery providers like Plated and Blue Apron provide the ingredients and instructions for their customers to create a healthy, home-cooked meal. Because millennials are looking for convenience as well as health, the author suggests this will be a growing trend and a growing opportunity for investors.

According to, Mampilly also indicates there will be a revolution in precision medicine. The increase in technology in the medical field has allowed the medical industry to decode the genetics of an individual as well as use their medical history to treat diseases and other medical conditions. By creating a personalized treatment plan with the specialized technology, they will be able to treat illnesses more easily.

The automobile industry is also currently changing dramatically. Mampilly suggests that Tesla will be the iPhone of the auto industry. As Tesla is beginning to create cars that are both efficient and affordable, it will begin to put many more traditional car makers into a difficult position.

Paul Mampilly has successfully managed hedge funds and has won a variety of awards. He was able to retire from Wall Street in his 40’s because of his great successes like investing in Netflix and Sarepta with a profit margin of 2000%.

After retiring from Wall Street, he went into publishing. He is the founder of the popular investing newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which advises American investors on the latest stocks.

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