NexBank Sponsors Greater Dallas Lemonade Day

by WilliamV .


NexBank recently sponsored a Lemonade Day event for the youth in North Texas. It’s part of the Greater Dallas Lemonade Day. The goal of the Lemonade Day program is to teach the basics of business ownership and operation to area youth. Young people all over the Dallas Metroplex took part in the communitywide education program. A lemonade stand is a common first business for many generations of Americans, so it’s a great tool to use for teaching young people just what it takes to run this classic business. The skills they gain can serve them well throughout the rest of their lives.

This is not the first time NexBank Capital, Inc. has been a sponsor of the event. Based in Dallas, NexBank is a financial services company that offers investment banking, mortgage banking, and commercial banking for businesses and individuals. Its primary customers are corporations, financial institutions, and businesses.
The company also offers advisory services. Their clients include real estate investors, banks, middle-market companies, large corporations, and small businesses. They also work with clients nationwide that are involved in the capital markets.

Since 1922 NexBank has been an industry leader and has developed a reputation for providing custom-tailored solutions and uncommon value to their clients. Plus the NexBank staff of experienced professionals have a track record for the highest quality work. They have also shown the ability to successfully handle even the most specialized, complex needs of their clients. NexBank is also committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.

The company’s sponsorship of the Lemonade Day and its role in teaching financial management and entrepreneurism skills to the youth in the Greater Dallas area is an extension of that commitment. The business skills the youths gain can help them to become Dallas’ next generation of business leaders.