Netpicks: Techniques in Socially Responsible Investing

by WilliamV .


Netpicks, an investment company established in 1996, is giving out information to new and regular traders on how to invest while being socially responsible. Netpicks was established because of a single objective – to be able to train people on how to become successful traders. Today, lots of people are visiting the website of Netpicks in order to learn more about trading. They also have their own YouTube channel where people can watch free video tutorials about trading. Those who wanted to have a long term career in trading can also visit their office in order to get an advance and in depth training in becoming a successful trader.  Watch what goes on inside a live counter punch trade traderoom on

Netpicks have recently introduced the idea of being a socially responsible trader. According to them, being socially responsible nowadays is the ideal form of investing because it can help protect the planet. While corporations are promoting on becoming “green”, investing while being socially responsible is being promoted by Netpicks to persuade the public in joining them with their campaign. They are putting this idea in their online tutorials, with hopes that people would pick up the message and join them in creating a “green” and socially responsible investment empire.  Additional helpful article to read here.

Exchange traded funds, or ETFs for short, is what Netpicks has been promoting to be the most socially responsible of all the investment options that they have.  Visit their website, hit on   They have also given several check lists that the trader must always remember in choosing the right firm and organization to invest into. The first thing that the trader must do is to do a positive screening of all the firms and organizations which they are interested to invest upon. They have to create a set of criteria which they would use to determine whether a firm or an organization deserves to be supported. Then, the trader should also do negative screening, taking note of firms and organizations that do not adhere to a socially responsible world. They should cross them out of their check lists and move onto other companies and corporations. Then, they have to select the firms and organizations which promote sustainable development, and finally, once the right firms or organization has been chosen, they have to focus on ESG Integration which would give them huge financial returns. Learn more from this related article.

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