Netpicks: Promoting Socially Responsible Investing

by WilliamV .

People around the world have been promoting sustainable development and green energy. In the world of investing, the same thing applies – investors and traders are promoting a new way of investing, which is socially responsible, in order to help the planet. Netpicks is one of the few trading companies who are promoting for these socially responsible investments. Netpicks was established in 1996 by Mark Soberman, with its present headquarters being located in the city of Irving, Texas. Mark Soberman’s main objective when he established Netpicks was to provide training and education to people who are new in trading and those who are already regulars. He wanted to expand their knowledge and teach them new tecniques on how to be successful in the world of trading, so he ventured out and created a company to assist them. Netpicks today is home to a number of employees who provide excellent customer service, and the company offers a vast selection of services that traders can enjoy. They offer training and tutorials with foreign exchange trading, stock trading, exchange traded funds (ETFs), trading with options, and trading with futures.

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People who visit their website give a positive feedback about its user friendly interface, and the amount of knowledge that can be gained just by listening to their online tutorials. With Netpicks, people interested in trading can choose between three objectives – one referred to as “full time career”, another one as “part time income”, and the last one called “done in minutes”. As new and regular traders undergo training, Netpicks would persuade them to invest in socially responsible investments.  Visit their website, check

According to Netpicks, exchange traded funds, or ETFs, are the most socially responsible form of investment. Useful info available on

ETFs are just like bonds, and Netpicks is promoting the investment in ETFs. On one of their training modules, they are stating that investment in ETFs normally include four stages: positive screening, negative screening, ESG integration, and screening themes.

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With positive screening, a trader would have to choose the firms and organizations based on criteria that they set up. With negative screening, firms and organizations would have to choose the firms and organizations that are doing negative impact on the planet, and they have to prevent investing in them. With ESG Integration, a trader would have to choose the firms and organizations that would give them large returns. Lastly, with screening themes, a trader would have to choose the firms and organizations that focuses on sustainable development as their primary theme.

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