NetPicks guides investors on how to profit from choppy summer trading

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The past few weeks have been rough especially for technology sector investors following the recent technology sector selloff. Such an occurrence has not been seen or heard of at least in the recent past since most of the technology sector investors considered their market to be unstoppable. However, an article published in the popular online magazine Marketwatch recently revealed that even in such gloomy situations investors can still make money if they deploy the right choppy summer trading strategies.   Guiding tips to forex trading on

Considering that these events occurred during summer, one of the most effective strategies one can utilize to realize the highest returns on their investment and which has proved profitable in such environments in the past is the proactive “Lock and Walk” strategy. In practice, the proactive “Lock and Walk” strategy involves stopping trading if and when support breaks, selling near resistance and buying near support.

About NetPicks Trading Strategies

NetPicks Trading Strategies was founded way back in 1996 as a trading education enterprise with the main goal being to help individuals expand their fortunes by training them on the best ways of investing their hard-earned dollars in a deliberate and conscious effort of maximizing their return on investment. NetPicks Trading Strategies also disseminates the most current and relevant trading information so that investors can take advantage of the most current investment opportunities as they arise.  Check this.

Prior to the inception of day trading and online trading, NetPicks Trading Strategies has always been there for investors to guide them in every step of the way by devising the best possible strategies they can adopt on the various investment alternatives such as forex, options, stocks, and futures. They also educate their esteemed clientele on exchange-traded funds when it comes to swing trading or day trading.  Trading tips here.

NetPicks Trading Strategies has their headquarters in Irving, Texas where the team leader Mr. Mark Soberman who comes with a trading experience of more than 25 years. He works with a staff of other passionate and seasoned traders who have also spent most of their adult lives in the marketplace hence having the ins and outs of the trading environment.  Get connect, hit on

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