My Christmas made Merry by Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit

by WilliamV .

Merry Christmas to Securus Technologies. I just had to send you a note of thanks. You helped make this the best Christmas ever. I was actually becoming kinda sad because we had family coming in for the holidays. I was torn whether to go see my son or stay at home and entertain my elders.It is such a long and tiresome drive to the jail where he is serving time. I am tired before we even start our visit. On the way home, I can barely keep my eyes open. It is an all day affair. I love to visit my son and encourage him. But it does take a toll on my body and soul. I was told about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit right in the middle of November. This was perfect as it gave me time to check it out. I was very happy about the program offered to inmates and their families. It seemed to be just what I needed in my upcoming holiday dilemma. And I especially thought it was kind of Securus Technologies to have the thought to help in this way.

I signed up and was approved for a Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. I was elated. I applied just in time. You know you have to give the system time to process the proper paperwork. I was notified with instructions and a time of my visit. It was similar to when I am able to visit my son in person. When the time came, I followed my directions to a tee. I hadn’t been that excited in a long time. When I saw my son live on the video cam, all I could do was cry. He thought I was sad. I had to explain to him how much of a relief it was to visit him this way. Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit was the perfect gift for me. We were both there live, and yet I was in my home, safe and secure. What a Christmas blessing. Even my relatives were able to peep in and say a short hello. I really didn’t want to share my time with him, even with kinfolks.

You will never know how you made my Christmas extra merry Securus Technologies. This Christmas Video Visit is something I want to continue all through the year if possible.My son enjoyed the visit also.Thanks to you Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.