Michael Hagel A Capable and Wise Investor and Attorney

by WilliamV .

Even a short conversation with Michael Hagele effortlessly demonstrates his endless capabilities and unrelenting dedication to his wide array of talents. Obtaining his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa and also receiving a J.D. at the University of California at Berkeley, Michael’s commitment to education and self-motivated personality compelled him to become a lawyer.

Despite finding great success in his previous work providing counsel for internet companies and strategizing complicated matters such as intellectual property, stock option plan administration, and merger and acquisition activity, Michael went on to refocus his energies into the technological sector, providing outside general counsel for companies in the aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries. Along with representing his many clients, Michael also invests in fledgling technology companies and has founded a variety of firms in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

His interest in the ever-changing world of technology puts him at an advantage: always on the fringe of the “cutting edge.” This affinity, coupled with a passion for helping technology minded businesses rightfully pushed him into the world of entrepreneurship. Michael provides seemingly simple yet wonderfully effective advice: remain active. A morsel of wisdom which he also applies to his own life, breaking his work day up into efficient segments to promote productivity and to leave a midday break for physical activity.

Being diligent about promoting his own achievements, Michael also carves out ample time in his day to stay in contact with his overseas investment partners. This fervent devotion to open communication to become successful is also exemplified in his social media savvy and prioritization of the needs of his client. Staying on the current side of social media has allowed Hagele to expand his business and potential client base and caring primarily for the best interests of others is indicative of his allegiance to his client’s satisfaction.

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