Matt Badiali Take on Investment and Geology

by WilliamV .

Matt Badiali likes to keep his hands on a few things, his feet traveling, share his sentiments with anyone who gives an ear for his take on research he has done and read, and investing tips. He is a widely traveled fellow from Switzerland to Hong Kong, Haiti to Singapore and many more other destinations globally. Being a geological specialist and researcher, Badiali has been to numerous mining sites, as well as oil wells around the world. In these visits, he has interviewed and interrogated a lot of CEOs seeking to know their current and updated resource expectation and in the process, he has done a lot of data analysis on geological aspects.

He has been under the conviction that a person cannot be certain of what is going on in a company or organization unless they see it themselves. This is not just in mining but even in politics, where having a hands-on investment productivity is realized when one sees how it is happening.

Since Matt is a trained geologist, he is able to quickly point out areas to look out for on the ground. For instance, when drilling, he will question the employees involved to measure their level of education, operation movement, as well as the time they take to finish a task, such a drilling a given hole. According to Badiali drilling is what costs a lot and hence being observant with the drillers can send important information about the status and future of a company.

For close to 10 years, Badiali has been trying to combine his geological expertise and knowledge, with his learned lessons as an investor to enhance productivity hence profitability. This is founded on his experience in the geology companies and consultancy on environmental factors. Furthermore, he holds a Masters of geology degree from Florida Atlantic University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth sciences from Penn State University.

What has made it look easy for Badiali in researching and giving valuable information on the mining sector, is that he combines two aspects of financial analysis and geological analysis into one plan. As thus, he has been able to match all the hindrances that come up in the course of researching.

He readily shares his knowledge and findings on natural resources freely. Being the editor of Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali shares a lot of valuable information on what to invest in and what not to invest in, this is backed by concrete evidence and statistics and he never goes wrong on his advice.