Livio Bisterzo Introduces HIPPEAS In America’s Food Market

by WilliamV .

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands, started engaging in business at a young age. At the revered University of the Arts London, he was able to establish small income-earning businesses, which helped him manage not only his university life but also sharpened his entrepreneurial skills.

After graduating with honors in B.A in Fashion in 2002, he decided to run a small enterprise that specialized in organizing for and advertising events. This was the job that laid the foundation for his eventual joining of Alvaro Group in 2006.

Green Park Brands Inc.

Alvaro Group operated within the food industry in the United Kingdom and the USA. It particularly specialized in producing and distributing soft drinks in New York, London, and Chicago. In September 2011, Livio opened a new business venture, naming it the Little Miracle Drinks. In 2012, after about five and a half years at Alvaro Group, he relinquished his job at the company so as to concentrate on the new role at Little Miracle Drinks. He held the position until December 2014.

Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Brands Inc. in April of 2015. The firm is based in Los Angeles and has revolutionized the nutrition sector in the United States. The company innovates and develops food products that match the prevailing food market products while at the same time keeping tabs with the cultural and social demands. At the end of it all, Livio and Green Park Brands seeks to change these cultures and how people perceive food in the country.


With an Italian origin, Livio Bisterzo has an ambition of changing the American’s eating habits. Through Green Park Brands, he has introduced foods that are delicious to eat and with a positive health impact. Last year July, he introduced HIPPEAS snacks, which are made from chickpeas to America. To this end, the product keeps gaining more popularity, with most people lauding it for its awesome taste and high nutrition value. Livio told Forbes that he choose chickpeas for the new product because it brought a good texture and had what he termed as hero ingredients. He also noted that growing chickpeas increases soil nutrients since they absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere and channels it to the soil.

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