Kevin Seawright New Jersey Business Dynamo

by WilliamV .

Kevin Seawright is heavily involved in the economic development of New Jersey’s largest city, Newark. He is adept and quite knowledgeable in operations and financial administration and has gained a great deal of his expertise as the CFO of the largest Departments of Recreation and Parks in the state of Maryland. Some of his accomplishments while he served as CFO was in the administration of more than $50,000,000.00 dollars in funding from the city, state and federal government while successfully reducing the Department’s budget deficit by over $600,000.00 annually. This stellar record earned him a prestigious Leadership Talent Award and the title of Fiscal Operator of the year.

But none of this success is slowing Kevin down. He is now working with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation to help the youth of Newark secure jobs for the summer of 2016. This Summer Youth Employment Plan has dedicated itself to provide at least six weeks of paid work with the hope that the extra experience will help boost college graduation rates for the youth of Newark. To help get this program moving Kevin is partnering his talents with Newark Works and other esteemed city figures and businessmen to help with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation’s job placement goals. There are also other incentives available to the students that apply. The program will include on the job training skills, empowerment lectures, financial literacy lessons and college readiness programs. All of these well-planned activities are designed with the ultimate goal of supplying the participating students with the skills they will need to be successful students, citizens, and businessmen. Even though this program is not new, this year is the first year that the program applicants are required to apply for acceptance online.

Kevin Seawright has also been extremely busy with his other business ventures. Following his role as CFO of Maryland’s Department of Recreation and Parks he went on to serve a term as the fiscal management leader in education and helped to create streamlined budgets saving the state of Maryland over $200,000,000.00 million dollars annually.

LinkedIn shows that after years of public service, Kevin has only recently transitioned into the private sector taking on various challenges including a director’s role at Tito Contractors Inc. and also serving as Director of Operations at Collington Life Care Community a retirement village and complex.

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