John Goullet’s Management skills at DIVERSANT LLC

by WilliamV .

DIVERSANT is a staffing company that is classified under the Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. It is located in 331 Newman Spring Road in the United States of America. It is the largest African American company that provides for IT Staff to various businesses in the America. It has a wide service provision that includes faculty hiring, IT staff augmentation and a variety of services. The company has been identified as the most successful in offering IT staff that match the qualities in the market.

The company was a result of co-founder business person John Goullet. John Goullet has an extensive and vast knowledge in the sector of IT staffing. His first company was Info Technologies that focused on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in the United States of America. Being in the industry as an Information technology consultant and he has led to the formation of several businesses or ventures in the IT sector. In 2010, he merged his business with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc., and they formed the DIVERSANT LLC. He continues to steer the Information technology industry with viable and more applicable solutions in the market.

John Goullet is the principal at DIVERSANT LLC, and his leadership qualities have made him guide the company to new heights regarding IT staffing other related services. Goullet studied at the Ursinus College where he got diverse experience in the IT world of consultancy that led him to a job before forming his company that provided such services. He is sharp and innovative individual an aspect that is replicated in his skills. As the CEO of Info Technologies, he was the supplier of IT related services to the Fortune 500 ventures across America.

DIVERSANT’s main aim is to steer and improve the performance of firms. The can only achieve such results if they can equip the companies with the right people and services. Information technology service provision is an evolving day in day out, and only well-equipped firms can beat the stiff competition. With the leadership of John, the company has managed to provide high qualified and most valued IT services.

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