Jim Hunt Talks About Charting on VTA Publications

by WilliamV .

Jim Hunt gives a brief talk on how he uses charts and graphs to determine when to buy and when to sell not only the markets but specific stocks and funds. A recent interview focused on how the U.S. stock market is fairly high, given the global economic problems. However, recent chart activity shows that the market can go even higher. Jim is a professional investment analyst and advisor. Having someone who has the experience and knowledge of how charts can help predict future price movements, can truly increase your overall investment performance.

VTA Publications is a company that offers online courses and real life stories to help people increase their understanding of certain topics. They also provide event catering services. The company was started in 2012. They host different ideas, offer learning guides, seminars, webinars and other events that focus on topics of interest. They host all kinds of investment seminars and online courses. That is why Jim Hunt is a part of the company. He can offer benefits to others by sharing his knowledge.

VTA offers guides for retirement planning from the Bible. Most guides are easy to follow and simply help you learn about various topics of interest. One of their most popular items is a booklet that teaches how to invest, using the benefit of charts and other analytical tools. It teaches about chart patterns and how to recognize trends by studying historical charts and actions. For more experienced investors the booklet on how to trade options contracts is a popular item. There are a lot of tools available to learn new things and stretch your mind.  Read more about VTA and Jim Hunt’s offerings on MoreMoneyReview.