Jason Hope, Arizona’s Hope for a Better Future

by WilliamV .

Jason Hope is a well known technology entrepreneur and businessman. His ventures focus on medical research along with developing apps for desk and gaming software. Hope earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance along with his MBA from the University of Arizona. Technology is being used now more than ever to help promote human wellness. Hope thrives on technology gains and is a self proclaimed futurist. Hope provides his expertise to businesses and individuals by advising them on how to create new technology to help advance their business.

Having a solid education like Jason Hope’s can further you in the industry, but sometimes, that isn’t enough to earn success. As an investor himself, Hope understands first-hand how tough it is for younger entrepreneurs get their idea marketed. That is why he funds grants for high school seniors and college students that have impressive ideas, but lack the means to make them happen.

Jason Hope’s passion about the future of mankind shows through his various philanthropies that help provide support and research for fighting the effects of aging. Hope has pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation. This nonprofit organization works to promote the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies. With Hope’s contribution, this organization can help improve the healthcare system, pharmaceutical industry along with the biotech industries. While helping fund research to improve the quality of life for mankind, Hope is also involved with his personal charity event, Hope Charity Flag Football Game for First Responders. This event is also known as Battle of the Badges. Hope has took note of the devastating losses America is facing with first responders over the past year. He wants to raise awareness and support for the financial burdens police officers, firefighters, EMS, and military personal face when injured in the line of duty.

Jason Hope has led an impressive career and life so far and the future is certainly in his favor. He will continue to make headlines with his generosity and his ability to see the world from a futuristic point of view. Thanks to Hope, research and technology investments can be funded by him to better our future.

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