Igor Cornelsen An Is Expert Brazilian Banker

by WilliamV .


Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker and financier. He made his name in Brazil, where he was a top banker and would manager some of Brazil’s top banks. Facebook shows Igor currently resides in South Florida, and plays golf. He sometimes work as a consultant in the banking industry with an expertise in banking and commodities. He believes there are stock opportunities in the markets and that you can capitalize on them.


He is currently a proprietor of Bainbridge Inc. and this is where he is an expert on Brazilian banking. He has created a short and easy profile for people to learn Brazilian banking and he has advice such as Brazilian banks have ten major players that he lists.

He also says that a fresh new face could turn banks around. He is also a big liker of Joachim Levy who he has is a contrast from President Rousseff’s views on fiscal reform. He is seen as stronger on the markets.


Cornelsen also says pay attention to China as a future player. He talks about keep connected as this while give you a greater connection to your investments. He then talks about the value of the currency. He thinks the new Brazilian administration will be more pro-market and this will spark investments in industry. In this environment, it is worth noting that two Brazilian companies have seen large gains.


Cornelsen thought that Brazil’s real was overvalued, but now he think’s it right. Igor Cornelsen‘s skills in his knowledge of Brazilian banking have made him in an expert banker operating in the United States. Check him out on Tripod, one of Igor’s official websites.