How Will End Citizen’s United Make Its Dream A Reality?

by WilliamV .

End Citizen’s United is an organization that wishes to bring an end to the campaign finance conglomerates like End Citizen’s United that are paying for all the conservative politics in Washington. They have a problem with anyone being given so much money or run a campaign, and they want to see campaign finance reform that will change back to the way it once was. The government cannot be run by big money, and this article shows how the company is pushing its agenda.

#1: What Is Their End Goal?

Citizen’s United would end when the goal is met, but the tru goal is ensuring that laws on campaign finance are changed. The laws must be altered many times over to ensure that no one person with money will be able to pay for their campaign. The money must be capped, and there must be limits placed on large super PACs that are paying for people such as Donald Trump.

#2: How Do They Get Their Message Out?

The message of End Citizen’s United is on all their social media pages, and it is something that is consistent among all their talking points. They wish to see big money go away, and they are willing to call upon the people of America when they notice new issues that revolve around how money pays for people in government. They are often are posting on social media as news breaks, and they are seen making note of certain things that may be of interest to the public. That is the only way they may reach people, and they plan to traffic in information as much as possible.

#3: How Long Will It Take?

End Citizen’s United is planning to work until they see reform. They may need time to ensure all of America is educated, and they will do what they must to find what will make the most difference. They will not win their battle in the first year, but they know that a consistent stream of information and name recognition will go quite a long way. They have many bright people speaking for them, and they are interacting with the public to ensure that they are changing minds where they can.

The goal of End Citizen’s United is to ensure that all the people who are a part of the government know that they cannot buy their way into office. It takes quite a lot more to be qualified, and they want to see the qualifications change to ensure that all the people who are running will be on a level playing field that has been set up under a new law. The new laws will End Citizen’s United, and they will change government.