How the Election Will Change the Lives of Americans

by WilliamV .

In a recent article written by Brad Reifler that was recently posted in the Huntington Post, it discussed how whoever wins the election will dramatically change the economics of America. The article focused on how Trump or Clinton’s economic policies will effect the everyday American. Before focusing on the article, it is important to know who Brad Reifler is and what his background is in American politics.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur widely known for being the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital since May of 2009. He is also known for his success in being the former co-partner, chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a financial firm. His experience in the finance sector shows his capability as well as his influence on others, in providing guidance on their financial decisions. One of the ways he has helped others financially is by showing how others can benefit from more savings. The article, published by Yahoo, addresses Brad Reifler’s financial advice to the middle class, particularly how the middle class can benefit from different investments. His willingness to provide financial advice to the middle class shows his humble demeanor in helping to improve the lives of every individual.

Reifler’s article further demonstrates his knowledge of finances as well as politics, by showing how Clinton or Trump will simplify the tax code. Clinton aims to reshape the tax by focusing on individuals that make more than 1 million. Clinton also has a plan in how capital gains are collected. In contrast, Reifler explains how Trump would increase the number of deductions for single and married people. Likewise, he would also simplify taxes by “condensing the existing tax bracket.” Reifler also carefully demonstrates how each candidate will effect the small business in different ways.

Another section of the article Reifler explains how, despite their differences, both Clinton and Trump do agree that child-care should have tax breaks. Beyond that, Reifler tells of how Clinton and Trump have very opposing views when it comes to estate tax. Overall, Brad Reifler’s article is an example of his exemplary knowledge in politics and economics.