How Doe Deere Created Her Own Path to Success

by WilliamV .


As a successful businesswoman, Doe Deere is often asked about her rise to the top. As a native Russian, Ms. Deere came to the United States when she was just 17. Living in one of the business capitals of the world, New York definitely had an impact on Doe Deere’s career choices. Although her first real career was as a musician, she actually had her first business venture when she was a young teen in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos to her schoolmates by convincing them they were the next trend in fashion. Fashion also played a big role in Ms. Deere’s ultimate rise to success in the makeup industry.


Most people are not aware of the background Doe Deere has in fashion, but she actually majored in fashion design at New York’s FIT. She originally intended to launch her own line of fashions by modeling them herself. As someone who always had a passion for creativity, Ms. Deere often created her own makeup looks to reflect the mood she was in at the moment. She preferred using products that would help her create looks that were bold and vibrant, but often had difficulty finding the right type of shades.

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Creating Her Own Path


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime line of makeup products are a direct result of her desire to use bolder colors. When she discovered the lack of color in the products that were currently available, she decided to make her own. Ms. Deere was amazed at how many other women were looking for the same type of vibrant shades of makeup as she was. She has always viewed makeup as an extension of fashion, so she felt it was only natural to create a line of products that allowed women to express how they felt. Her line of cosmetics is designed to embody the spirit of freedom in every woman.


Doe Deere often gives advice to women who are looking to realize their own potential within the world of business. She strongly encourages them to get in touch with their inner passion. She knows first hand how easy it is to create something successful when you feel passionately about it. She also believes that everyone has something uniquely their own to contribute, which will grow when nurtured. Even though she felt she was alone in the way she viewed makeup and fashion when she first started out, she remained true to her inner voice and became successful.


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