End Citizens United Unveils The “Big Money 20” It Seeks Elbow Out Of Congress

by WilliamV .

Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has dedicated its efforts towards pushing big money out of politics. Big money 20, in this case, primarily referring to a list of Republican congress representatives who promote and defend special groups interests at the expense of their constituents rights. The representation may take the form of a push for legislation that benefits their donors, opposing campaign finance reforms, and accepting huge donations.

Top among the Big money 20 that the democratic political action targets to edge out during the 2018 elections include Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan. According to the End Citizen United group executive, Tiffany Muller, the 20 Congressmen and women are “the worst of the worst in Congress.”

End Citizens United strategy

To achieve its primary goal of cleansing the Congress, the group works by pointing out Big Money suspects and endorsing candidates to replace them. The group then arranges for the financing of the preferred candidate’s campaign using the money raised from the grassroots member contributions.

Note that the group operates as a traditional political action committee and, therefore, doesn’t accept donations and contributions exceeding $5,000 from a single member or entity. Thus, even with massive budgets such as the current $35 million target for the 2018 elections, the group heavily relies on small-dollar donations from its more than 3.3 million members drawn from all over the country.

How does End Citizens United’s mission resonate with the public?

National Pollster Al Quinlan considers the reduction of special interests money from national politics a top priority for both democrat sympathizers and independent voters. In fact, it only ranks below the protection against terrorism and job creation. The pollster’s research on wikipedia.org also indicates that the movement’s message on big money in politics works better and sways more independent voters to the democratic front than any other political rhetoric.

For instance, during the 2016 elections, Quinlan tested the effectiveness of both the conventional democratic messages and campaign finance reform messages on the Nevada senatorial race. The pollster found the messages on campaign finance reforms more likely to draw in more support for the democratic candidate as compared to the conservative democratic messages.

Bottom line

Heading into the 2018 elections, Muller hinted that the movement seeks to use all available resources, especially member contributions and convincing campaign finance reform messages exhaustively to elbow out big money in politics. She sees combining this strategy with the endorsement of pro-performers as the perfect recipe for achieving the group’s objectives in the next and future elections.

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