Don Ressler Discovers Trends that Lead to Huge Profits

by WilliamV .

Don Ressler and his partner have not reinvented the wheel when it comes to clothes for women. They have, however, adjusted the look and design of the wheel in concerns to Internet shopping. People may not be realizing just how successful Don Ressler is because he has been in the background in the clothing industry. Ressler has two companies that are on the verge of soon producing combined revenues of a billion dollars. People may not know his name, but soon everyone is going to know who Don Ressler is.

His claim to fame in the clothing industry has been a long time coming. It dates back all the way to his Intelligent Beauty days. Ressler ran JustFab in a way that showed that he was good at doing one thing exceptionally well: Ressler was a man that recognized trends. The fact of the matter was that he was so good at recognizing trends that he would take his idea of subscription services and expand this across several businesses. So far the subscription services have been a hit for both JustFab and Fabletics.

Another thing that Don Ressler was not afraid to take was a risk on was the opening of physical stores. Fabletics, for example, is set to open as many as 100 stores in the next 5 years. Some people may have thought that this was insane. The expenses of physical stores can get costly. Right now there are only a couple of stores for Fabletics shoppers. Everyone else has to order online. The fact that there was no store front has saved this company millions on operating costs. Ressler, however, has spotted the trend of women that are working out. Don Ressler believes that the profits will be greater than the costs of operating these stores. This is all a part of what makes Don Ressler such a successful businessman. He is willing to take the risks and get involved in the aspects of business that others may not want to engage in. He is the type of person that will trust his gut and take the risk that many business men have avoided.

Ressler is a person that knows how to market his companies well. He knows about the trends in marketing and the trends in apparel on Bloomberg. He has managed to fit social media, television and print ads into the mix to market his companies successfully.