Dick DeVos Paves Way for Schools

by WilliamV .

There must be something special about a family that does so much for the community that the members of that area thank them years after. This is true for Dick DeVos, a philanthropist and billionaire who has done much for his native state of Michigan. DeVos has given more than most others that you would hear about who have made a fortune in business. He’s donated over $1 billion in total with his family over the years.


As recently as 2013, he donated over $90 million to various causes and faith based organizations. About half of this money went to churches. Among the remaining funds, half went to the arts, and half to education and social issues. DeVos has said he hopes to be an inspiration to future successful people and will give back to the community for the rest of his life.


As the co founder and board member of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, they have created scholarships that aid those students who wish to attend the college of their choice. That way, they have been able to graduate with MBAs and other business degrees. The DeVos family hands out funds to those who show a liking to business.


Furthermore, he is involved with Choices for Children, which allows parents to use tax credits to send their children to charter schools via vouchers. He is a proponent of giving parents the option to put their kids in situations where they can learn better according to their needs, and many public schools in Michigan are failing in that regard.


He and his wife are also involved with helping educate teachers to reduce the amount of children that skip classes in inner city minority low income areas. By doing this, they increased attendance rates by 30%, which has had a huge effect on the learning process and quality of life for the students and their families.


Dick DeVos doesn’t just focus on education. He has helped social services get people the help they need. For example, he donated money to pay for housing, medication, employment searches, an food. This helped many people get back on their feet.


When it comes to charity, few people have done more than Dick DeVos and his family. His legacy of giving back is truly out of a story book. His education and faith based activism has created a new shine of hope for the people of Detroit, Michigan.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.