David Giertz: A Scion of Excellent Financial Advisory

by WilliamV .

Retirement ought to be an experience to forward to after years of toiling and moiling. It is a period to kick back and relax as you take a deserved endless break after straining for years to make ends meet. However, it has turned into a nightmarish experience for many especially those who lacked the proper guidance on how to utilize the financial security offered by Social Security. The president of Nationwide Financial, David Giertz, holds that retirees do not fully utilize their Social Security coverage due to lack of information or in some cases, the information they have is inadequate.

The inadequacy or lack of information results from the lack of proper advice by some financial advisors on about.me. This was the results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, which also established that many people would sought for new financial advisors in case such services are not offered by their current ones. According to Mr. Giertz, the financial advisor’s guide book is sometimes overwhelming for these professionals on facebook.com. Even though the over 2,700 rules in the book are challenging to master, he believes that financial advisors must step up and advise their clients accordingly on issues pertaining to Social Security or run the risk of losing both clients and their income.

Education Background and Certifications

During his three decade journey through the industry, David Giertz has received licenses to operate as a financial advisor and investment broker. His licenses are recognized in over 15 states. He specializes in mutual funds, retirement planning and financial services. In addition to the four exams he has passed to improve his professional standing, he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Miami’s School of Business where he specialized in business management and administration. David Giertz is also an alumnus of Millikin University where he graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in business management and administration.

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