Darius Fisher Gives Tips for Proper Online Reputation Management

Amidst the modern deluge of social media platforms, the risk of inappropriate photos or other media surfacing becomes more of a real concern everyday. If you find yourself in the unlucky position of dealing with the un-approved release of unfavorable photos there are several steps that you must immediately take to prevent any further damage to your reputation and brand. Be proactive and contact the site in which the media has been uploaded and request the immediate removal of the content. If this is not responded to in a timely manner, you have the option to contact an attorney and they will be able to help you draft a takedown notice. Another suggestion to prevent unfavorable media from being associated with your brand is to create favorable content on a daily basis. Post to all social media accounts and personal web pages, therefore, guiding viewers to the content you want them to see during any and all web searches concerning you and your brand.

Status Labs, President Darius Fisher, and his team are pros at preventing social media mishaps, as well as, mending your online reputation after an online catastrophe occurs. As the head of this online reputation management firm, Fisher, knows the importance of protecting and managing your online presence. The team at Status Labs, know how to use search engine optimization to benefit you and your brand since, they have the proper tools at their disposal to manage what search results appear in connection to your brand. These strategies are available to you, so, you can take your brand to the next level and be prepared.

Darius Fisher and his team at Status Labs give an overview of actions you can do to prevent your personal information from being leaked on the internet. First, remove your personal information off online platforms, change your social media settings to the desired privacy, frequently change your passwords, Google yourself often, and if something negative occurs, react immediately. In the event of negative media, remember, do not to link back to the undesirable content, instead, consistently create positive content.