Choppy Summer Trading Strategies by NetPicks

by WilliamV .

The technology sector faced a selloff in the first week of June. The market condition was unpredictable, and hence it caused several changes. The investors were already very comfortable, they viewed the market as unstoppable. After the fell off, their sentiments have changed, and they are nervous than they have been before. During summer, changes in the market usually occur. However, this summer the change is huge, and there is going to be a material change in sentiments. The arrogance attitude of investors has now changed, the falling off has created a new attitude which will, in turn, open doors for a choppy market environment. While many investors have survived previous summers, this is going to be tricky.

Proactive strategies are a necessity for an investor who wants to take advantage of the situation. One of the many strategies used by NetPicks in such conditions is the lock and walk approach. The strategy which is designed to profit during choppy markets has been profitable since January 2000. Though past performance does not warrant future success, it is worth a trial. The lock and walk strategy rules are very familiar to any investor who has used technical analysis. They require one to buy near support, sell near resistance and if support breaks, step out. Another important rule of lock and walk is that the strategy is designed to shut down when it reaches 67 basis points in gains. It automatically shuts down till the next trading season begins. Useful link here

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