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Brad Reifler is a Major Financial Talent

by WilliamV .

Brad Reifler is a big name in the vast financial industry. People who work in the finance realm tend to be extremely familiar with him. He’s a United States-based entrepreneur who has been involved in many different business efforts throughout the years.

He’s a seasoned Wall Street expert as well. When people think about Brad Reifler, they often think about Forefront Capital. The finance guru has been at the helm of this firm since the spring of 2009. He works as Forefront Capital’s chief executive. He’s also its loyal founder.

Brad Reifler has worked for many widely known companies throughout his career. He worked at Pali Capital from the winter of 1995 into the fall of 2008. He was the firm’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and chairman. He also founded it.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is a graduate of Bowdoin College, a Brunswick, Maine institution of higher learning. It’s a science and liberal arts school that has a good reputation in the region. Reifler focused on political science and economy while in college. He attended Bowdoin College between the years of 1977 and 1981.

Some examples of Reifler’s diverse abilities and skills include financial structuring, investment management, investment techniques, portfolio management and, last but not least, investment banking.

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