Glen Wakeman Has A Passion For Building Businesses

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Glen Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings. Currently he is holding the post of CEO in the company. He has management experience of over 21 years as he worked at GE where he looked after business development as well as P&L areas. His passion for building the business has led him to improve company as well as individuals by applying a methodology to assess and improve various performance dimensions.



These include leadership which means preparing the company so that it can adapt any change. Next is Human Capital which would require aligning the vision and strategy of individuals in the company. Another dimension is the execution that would require integrating of processes with technology along with people. Risk Management allows for minimizing of disruptions. Governance is the dimension that enables constructive dissent within any company. Glen Wakeman makes use of this proven methodology.



He is also the Founder as well as President of Nova Four. This firm is involved in providing strategic advice as well as access to capital for those companies that are in the process of development. In order to sustain improvements, Glen Wakeman is involved in CEO coaching and many other Board duties. He makes used on LaunchPadToolkit.com to offer assistance to young entrepreneurs. It has a SAAS website that provides several business planning services online. Besides, it makes use of digital marketing in order to reach out to its customers.



Glen Wakeman was the CEO as well as President Doral Financial Corporation earlier. He was also serving as the Chairman of the Board of Doral Bank. This is a financial services company that provides mortgage banking, besides retail banking as well as commercial banking. It also provides institutional securities along with all kinds of insurance agency operations (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman was able to transform this company from being an inefficient, non-compliant, single- line bank to a streamlined bank. This earned him several local as well as national along with international awards that appreciated his leadership and commitment to corporate social responsibility.


His tenure at GE Capital included serving various complex leadership roles. He looked after general management, besides operations as well as business development.

Sheldon Lavin’s Awards at OSI Group Company

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OSI Group is an Illinois-based meat processing company that has been in operation since 1909. The company has grown to become one of the best meat processors in America, Europe, and Asia. The acquisition of companies is one strategy that OSI Group has used to expand its operations and get more clients. OSI Group was ranked at position 58 among the best private companies by Forbes in 2016. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and CEO of the company; he took over the mantle of leadership from the Otto family after a long negotiation on how they should work.

Sheldon Lavin was an investor and again worked in the banking sector as an executive before joining OSI Group. Lavin’s experience in food processing industry and expertise in financial management has made him lead the company to the right direction. Lavin has witnessed OSI grow and receive awards for the last 47 years that he has worked with them. The Global Visionary Award is the latest that Lavin received. The main aim of Global Visionary Award is to recognize leaders who have persevered and persisted in making their dreams come true. Lavin is one of the achievers who received this prestigious award from the India’s Vision World Academy. Mr. Lavin prides in his efforts to make OSI Group an international company operating in 17 countries and has over 60 locations.

OSI Group Company received the Globe of Honor Award in 2016; this prestigious award was given to OSI group by British Safety Council for their efforts in making the environment risk-free. The British Safety Council praised the management and workforce at OSI for the outstanding work. The Council carries out an audit on several firms to determine their impact on environmental risk management. The companies are then awarded marks using star rating system, the maximum number of stars is five. This award was bestowed to OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd.

For more, see https://about.me/sheldonlavin.

Paul Mampilly: Helping You Make Money from Your Investment

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Paul Mampilly is one of the most distinguished Wall Street Investors with a reputation of creating a multi-million investment opportunity in a short period. Creating successful investments is not that easy. However, Paul Mampilly makes it look like a walk in the park. After having a successful career in the investment work-creating millions of dollars for the elite class, Paul retired to enjoy quality time with his family. However, in 2016 he was able to find his way back to the industry through Banyan Hill Publishers where he currently serves as a financial editor helping grassroots Americans grow their investments by giving them handy pieces of advice.

Despite the success Paul Mampilly enjoys in the investment, his starting was humble. After graduating, Paul enrolled as a Wall Street investor in 1991 working for Bankers Trust as their assistant portfolio manager. He later advanced his career by taking a managerial post at ING and Deutsche Bank where he was in charge of the multimillion-dollar account.

Paul has equally enjoyed success in his line of work. Two major recognitions worth noting are Barron’s “World’s Best” hedge funds title the Template Foundation winner. The former recognition was earned after Mr. Paul was able to grow a $6 billion hedge fund to $25 billion while the latter was when he managed to grow a financial investment by $38 million during the financial crisis of 2008/2009.

When speaking to IdeaMensch, Paul Mampilly was able to unveil some secrets about himself that arguably most people do not know about. Top on the list, the idea behind Profits Unlimited Newsletters. For those who don’t know Profit Unlimited Newsletter is a subscription newsletter that helps a small-scale investor get valuable investment tips from the number one Wall Street investor himself, Paul Mampilly. The idea behind it was the realization that Wall Street investment was only helping the elite disadvantaging the majority of the American population. Paul advice to investors is to concentrate on how they can go wrong to avoid it in the first place.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is no stranger to the investment word. A Wall Street investor with a distinguished record of accomplishment. He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting a firm providing investors with unique moneymaking ideas. Additionally, he is the founder of Profits Unlimited where he is the senior editor providing affordable serves to local Americans to better their investments.

Mr. Paul is well educated and holds a number of degrees from reputable Universities. Notably, he has an MBA Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business, BBA Finance and Accounting from Montclair State University and Economics from the City University of New York, to name but a few.

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The Traveling Vineyard – Making Cash As A Wine Guide

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Wien Guides are a part of what makes this company who they are. Without the wine guides selling their wine, they would not be able to have the company that they have now. They strive to come up with ideas and goals to provide real genuine solutions, and the goal for them as a company is to get the wine guides selling like crazy. When you become a wine guide, expect to receive some incredible guidance and help to ensure that you make money. Things like training and marketing resources are all provided. There are all kinds of people who are making this their main source of income, and you can definitely see why because of the way that the Traveling Vineyard helps their sellers make money.

The Traveling Vineyard takes you in and nurtures you to become a successful direct sales seller. It all begins with your expert from your region. You will have a meeting to help prepare you for your very first special meeting in the world of wine tasting. These events that you will host can open up the door for you so you can achieve so much as a wine guide. The Traveling Vineyard is definitely one of the best in the world because of the training that they provide for their sellers.

The reason why so many love working for them is the flexibility with time. You can be making $100+ from a single event and even get the chance to make some pretty good cash from the people you refer who sell as well. Just one day a week of four weeks can open the door to $400+ or more from a single month. The Traveling Vineyard is the best company to work because they will guide you to making as much as you can all the while working as little as possible. They love working with busy people because they love how they can help yon make that extra cash you need to pull in.

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Bruce Bent II And Money Market Funds

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A money market fund is an investment focusing on helping shareholders earn interest while still maintaining a 1 dollar per share net asset value (NAV). The portfolio of a money market fund comprises of short-term protections representing high-quality, monetary instruments, and liquid debt. Investors can acquire shares of money market funds via banks, mutual funds, and brokerage companies. The primary motive of a money market fund is to give investors a secure place to invest easily available, money-equivalent assets.

According to Wikipedia, apart from being highly liquid, money market funds are useful to investors because they have no loads. Besides, other money market funds supply their investors with tax- advantaged gains. This is through investing in municipal protections that are tax-exempt at the state, and/or federal level. Moreover, money market fund might also hold short –term U.S. Treasury protections. These protections include corporate commercial paper, T-bills, and certificates of deposit (CDs).

Money market fund is useful for clients who require the investment to be very liquid and have an investment objective of a short time horizon. Also, it is convenient for customers who have a low toleration for volatility or want to diversify with a more conservative investment.

Bruce Bent II is the President and Vice-chairman of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock Corporation is the major financial technology firm. He has a deep understanding of money market funds, in fact his father was the founder of the first money market fund. The Double Rock organization provides the best innovative cash-related, and cash management solutions to banks, retail markets, and broker- dealers. Additionally, Bruce is the senior executive to every Double rock’s branch and affiliate. These include Island Intellectual Property LLC, Access Control Advantage, Inc., and LIDs Capital LLC. Also, other affiliates and branches include Landing Rock Group LLC, and Intrasweep LLC.

Bruce Bent II studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy from the Northeastern University. Currently, Bruce is an associate of the Young Presidents’ Organization (a peer network joining about 10,000 young business leaders worldwide). Besides, Bent was an associate of the New York-based Entrepreneur’s Organization. Also, he served on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson (an environmental firm, and land trust dedicated to preserving the Hudson River, and its riverfront as a natural, and public resource).

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Livio Bisterzos Has a Success in Hippeas

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Starbuck’s buyers had recently noticed a void in the food offerings that they have for their customers. They needed to add more grab-and-go snack food offerings that they could easily sell in the drive thru and to their in and out customers that they see by the thousands every day in their stores across the United States. The problem is, it needs to be a great product that is both creative and affordable to fit into the archetype set forth by the Starbuck’s brand. They think they have hit the mark with their latest product offering. It is a product that has only been on the market for a couple of months and it is called Hippeas.

Hippeas is a chickpea-based puffed snack. The brand exists under that parent company of Green Park Holdings which is led by CEO Livio Bisterzo. More on him later. Some may wonder why chickpeas would be chosen as a source for a new snack food. This is because of two different factors. The first factor is that chickpeas are one of the most popular food items for vegans everywhere. The second factor is that it can present a lot of great nutritional value in a very small package.

For more information, find Livio Bisterzo on Facebook.

Because the snack food is completely based on chickpeas, Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks) fit into a lot of different categories when it comes to things that Starbuck’s was looking for in a snack food. The snack is vegan. It is also gluten-free and kosher. This means that people shopping at Starbuck’s can eat the snack quickly and on the go no matter what their dietary restrictions are. The food will be available in almost 8,000 stores nationwide. Hippeas are available at Starbuck’s in two different flavors; vegan white cheddar and Far Our Fajita. These two flavors are broad enough to satsify the taste of just about anyone.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Holdings, the parent company of Hippeas. He had the idea for the product in order to fulfill what he saw as a void in the global snack food market. The chickpea puffs were just recently released on the market in April 2016. They have already been picked up by Starbuck’s and other food retailers since then.

Bisterzo got his start in marketing in the late 1990s. He then moved on to more entrepreneurial pursuits in the early 2000s. He created Green Park Holdings last year in an effort to move into the snack food industry. Hippeas is a great company with a socially conscious slant as they give portions of their profits to chickpea farmers in Africa.

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The New Steering Leader at Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir

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Coriant has recently announced Shaygan Kheradpir, as the new CEO. This took effect in September 2015. Shaygan was already a player in the company’s management team, while still working at Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant evolved from a combination of Tellabs, Nokia Siemens, and Sycamore Networks. This new appointment is set to make dramatic changes in strategic planning and operation of the company.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan has worked in technology and financial service sector for over 28 years. Previously, he attended Cornell University, from which he attained higher education. His main specialty was electrical engineering. He landed the first job at the GTE Laboratories, working on network routing and management. The coming years saw him rise to the position of chief information officer. It was catapulted by his timely delivery of new products.

From the year 2000, GTE formed a merger with Bell Atlantic. Khedapir continued to work for the new company dubbed, Verizon Communications. He was quite instrumental with regards to the diversification of new products and technological services. In 2011, he joined Barclays Bank for the position of CEO in global retail business. He oversaw operations suited to delivery products and services to clients. One of the contributions made was the development of Pingit mobile payment software.

Kheradpir to Scale up Profit Index at Coriant

His executive career implies that he has numerous connections with many industries. With the doctoral degree in engineering, he served in the engineering council. This means that the lad holds many patents in varied fields such as telecommunications, media and so on. Such intensives will probably be used to the company’s benefits.

Due to the growing need for data intensive applications, Shaygan’s experience will be of great importance. He has taken this position previously held by Pat DiPietro. DiPietro made overwhelming strides when it comes to escalating integration, coupled with portfolio initiatives. Now, DiPietro returns to his former position at Martin Equity Partners. In other words, they will just be switching jobs.

Coriant accrues annual revenues of $1 billion. This is attributed to the many customers it has around the globe. However, other market players such as Infinera, Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent are also in existence. In this regard, Shaygan is charged with responsibility if scaling up the sales of packet-optical systems.

The original article was posted on: http://bcexploration.com/index.php/2016/01/12/the-new-star-at-coriant-shaygan-kheradpir/


Another Lawsuit Filed by Laidlaw & Company and its Principal, James Ahren.

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Relmada Therapeutics, Inc., a well-known clinical stage company, which is popular for developing innovative chronic pain medicine has filed yet another lawsuit against the investment banking firm, Laidlaw & Company UK. Ltd. In a move to extract compensation for the damaging press release and false information by Laidlaw & Company, the new lawsuit is actually an amendment based on breach of fiduciary duty in relation to Laidlaw and its principles wrongfully disclosing confidential information regarding Relmada Therapeutics.
Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

In the past, Laidlaw & Company acted as an advisor and facilitator to Relmada Therapeutics acting as Relmada’s placement agent for December 2011 and May 2014 stock offerings. In addition, Laidlaw & Company also acted as financial advisor during the recent merger of Relmada and Camp None Inc. However, when the board of Relmada conveyed their dissatisfaction on some of the practices regarding a road-show used to attract investors, Laidlaw responded by filing a Schedule 13D with Security and Exchange Commission. Interestingly, the filing contained confidential information regarding past dealings between Relmada and Laidlaw. As a result of the filing, Relmada claims that its stock price fell from $4.03 to $1.65 in a short span. In fact, the stock price is just one of many drawbacks and damages incurred by Relmada due to the false information and accusations.

Who is James Ahren?

The unprofessional and lackluster attitude of Laidlaw is certainly not alarming in the sense that the company has a long history of non-compliance and FINRA violations. In addition, the head of capital markets at Laidlaw, James Ahren, is known to provide misleading educational certifications. In 2011 and 2012, the New State also filed tax liens against James Ahren. In his short career, James Ahren has already paid payments to customers in cases of fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty etc. Matthew Eitner is found to be in a similar place.

Handy Home Cleaning Services Making Spring Time Cleaner

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When spring comes around, my family is like most others. We like to tidy up and get our home as clean as possible during the spring time. For some reason, spring cleaning is an essential part of our continual growth. The air feels crisp, and the weather gets warm. This makes us want to get outside and run around. We have a dog, and we take that dog to the park quite often. When we get all muddy and dirty, where do you think that mud and dirt ends up? It ends up all over the floors and carpets.

Our hardwood floor looks amazing when it is polished and sparkling. The glow of the hardwood floor makes me and my family feel like we are living in a wonderful home, like the ones in magazines. We love that feeling in the morning time. When we get up out of bed to make breakfast, we get to enjoy a clean home first thing in the morning.

All of this luxury was made possible without struggle because we started using Handy’s home cleaning service. Handy’s website is Handy.com. Their website is basically a portal to all kinds of home cleaning professionals and other service men and women. Handy screens their employees thoroughly before they welcome them as independent contractors. Technically, the service men and women are not employees of Handy. They are actually working on their own behalf, but Handy helps connect these professional service people to a large customer base.

It works out for everyone involved in the process. I was always a little afraid to hire someone to come clean my home from the phone book or from online ads. However, I do not have to feel that way when I work with Handy to get my home cleaned for the spring. Handy actually handles all of the payment arrangement through their website, so you can be sure that the payments are made safely.

The best part of this is that the rates are already established when you find a service technician to clean or work on your home through Handy. We never have to deal with digging into our savings account when the cleaning costs are more than expected. The entire process to book someone to clean your home for the spring only takes about 60 seconds with Handy.

Download Handy’s app for free here!

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