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San Francisco District Attorney Charged

by WilliamV .

George Gascon is the crusading District Attorney for Francisco. Because he is the chief of police, he was very close with the police union he has been criticizing as obstructionist. In the recent past, George has been unconcerned about the police union department, and what shocked many people is the fact that he made some racially disparaging remarks when he was out drinking with union leaders.

Gary Delagnes, the person who used to be the president of the Police Officers Association, made these assertions in a sworn declaration. The declaration was made to a blue ribbon force that was set up by Gascon. Gascon has set up the task force so that it could look in to some allegations of homophobia and racism in the department.

The declaration by Delagnes was submitted just recently, few days after Gascon appeared before the panel. Gascon testified that the police department was influencing the ability for the head of police or the Police Commission to actually effectuate reforms, not for the better.

Gary Delagnes is believed to have been in the force for over twenty five years. He was POA president for a period of nine years, and he decided to retire in the year 2013. During his tenure in the force, Delagnes was known by everyone for throwing verbal punches. During his declaration, one thing was evident: he saved the haymaker in the end.

According to KTVU News, Delagnes thinks about a dinner that he had with Gascon in the year 2010. During the dinner, the current president of POA, Martin Halloran, and a union representative of Cambridge were present. The group was coming for a police union leadership event that had been organized by the Harvard Law School.

When the dinner was happening, Chief Gascón was heavily drunk, and this is when he started making reminiscing about his tenure at the Los Angelis Police Department. According to Delagnes, some of the remarks made were disparaging the minorities. Gascon was so loud during the dinner, and an African American patron had to approach him to stop because the comments were affecting his family. Delagnes is willing to give a more detailed declaration if he will be called by the blue ribbon panel to testify.


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