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Public Relations Entrepreneur Discusses his Approach to Business and Life

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Recently, Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, sat down with Daniel Budzinski on the DreamCast podcast. Mr. Fisher touched on a wide range of issues, including his early start in business and how he balances a hectic work schedule with his personal life.



A chance encounter leads to a career


Mr. Fisher, 31, was originally from New York. Born in Manhattan, the entrepreneur was raised in a loving household by parents which prioritized education and encouraged their son to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and life experiences.


After high school, Fisher moved to California, where he pursued a degree in economics. It was during college that he first realized that he had a knack for running and building his own businesses. He largely supported himself through college by selling used furniture on Craigslist that he bought from distressed sellers. This experience sealed his love for self-employment.


Darius Fisher relates how, through sheer luck, he was at a bar with some of his friends when he met a lady who was in political consulting. It so happened that she was looking for interns and encouraged Mr. Fisher and his friends to apply. Being just 22 and recently out of work, Fisher jumped on the opportunity. Soon he was rubbing shoulders with some of the state’s heaviest political players. The young Fisher, who says that he didn’t even know what political consulting was at the time, spent the next few months making lasting connections with political consultants, lobbyists and crisis managers. This set him on the course to becoming an entrepreneur in the online reputation management space.


He saw the sums that were being paid for managing the reputations of high-profile individuals. Yet many of the consultants and other professionals he worked with were much older, having little to no understanding of the many different technology channels that were becoming ever more important to people’s overall reputation.


Fisher saw that, by concentrating solely on the all-important area of online reputation management, he could create a niche in which there were very few competitors and no one who really knew what they were doing. He eventually founded Status Labs and, in so doing, drove his company to become the nation’s number-one online reputation management firm.


How an Image Management Company Saved Themselves

by WilliamV .

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in helping enable clients to have a better online reputation. They focus so much of their business on helping their clients achieve the best possible results in search results. It is impressive just how valuable having great looking search results is when you meet someone new, and it is even more impressive that Status Labs has so much control over what their clients’ search results appear as. They have some of the top SEO technicians working on their team to make sure their clients have a good first impression when they meet new people.


News In Status Labs’ Online Reputation


Status Labs, the reputation management company went through its own reputation crisis. This information is humbling to find out because it shows that negative press can happen to any company or individual. The reason that Status Labs had some bad press, according to a Huffington Post article about the company, is that a former executive made some poor decisions. The company has made several internal and external changes in order to offset the negative press that this former executive achieved.


The internal measures that Status Labs made were in changing the leadership of the company as a whole and several changes to the way employees are treated. The leadership of the company changed when Status Labs’ employees decided to vote the executive out of the company, and they voted unanimously as well. The company suffered some loss, and some employees left because of the bad press. Then, Status Labs turned it all around.


The external changes that Status Labs made were to show the public that the company is willing to put itself out there in order to help their local community. Status Labs started having their employees help and volunteer at charities and nonprofit organizations. They also sent an open letter to the media from Status Lab employees. There was a team photo with the letter that was meant to help bring a face to Status Labs.

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