UTC, George Hayes, and Louis Chenevert

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George Hayes, current Chairman and CEO of United Technologies (better known as UTC), says he looks at views his leadership as being the role of a steward who is tasked to take care of the company. At United Technologies, that stewardship attention is focused on the people. Only slightly lower down is technology itself. Hayes leads UTC to continually invest in new forms of advanced technology to further its goals. They are so committed to technological advancements that they have spent billions on single projects.

UTC was once captained by its former Chairman and CEO, Louis Chenevert. He is was born and raised in Quebec. After high school, he earned a degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal. Upon graduation, he joined the team of General Motors, with whom he served for 14 years. He first joined UTC in its Pratt & Whitney engine business in 1993. In 1999, he was named president of Pratt & Whitney. In 2005, he was made a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In 2006, he was made Director of all of UTC.

In 2008, he was appointed its President and CEO. In 2010, Chairman was added to his position. During his years here his leadership was so exemplary that in 2011 he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. Chenevert was also honored this year by being named by Aviation Week & Space Technology as its Person of the Year. He helped bolster the company’s already high image even higher. Chenevert managed to perfect the art of satisfying shareholders, stakeholders, and customers all at the same time. He held this role until stepping down in 2014.

In 2015, he became Exclusive Advisor to The Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. He remains active in the operations of his Alma Mater, HEC Montreal, sitting on its International Advisory Board and chairing the Board of Directors of the Friends of HEC Montreal.

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Madison Street Capital Is the Finalist of the M&A Advisor Awards

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Madison Street Capital has been announced as the finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor made the announcement through on August 29, 2016. The awards are popularly known and respected as a highpoint of achievements in the financial sector. The M&A Awards acknowledge excellence in deal making, financing, and restructuring as well as celebrating accomplishments and contributions of leading companies and professionals in the financial industry.

Madison Street Capital got the nomination for International Industrials Deal and Boutique Investment Banking of the year. The international and industrials deal of the year acknowledged the role of Madison Street Capital in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A by Dowco. Karl D’Cunha is the senior managing director at Madison Street Capital. Karl is the man behind the purchase transaction. Read more:

Charles Botchway is the founder and chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital. Charles expressed his delight saying that the firm was pleased to have been of help to Dowco with the acquisition. Dowco has been a longstanding client of Madison Street Capital. Charles stated that the company was honored to be a finalist. Dealmakers at Madison Street Capital work tirelessly to ensure that they connect the firm’s clients with the growing and emerging businesses that meet their diverse needs to ensure continued success.

Karl D’Cunha explained that the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A was not a walk in the park because it involved a cross-border transaction. Karl said that the recognition was such an honor for Madison Street Capital. The awards event will take place at the New York Athletic Club on November 9th. It is during the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala that the winners of the awards will be announced.

About M&A Advisor
The M&A Advisor was founded in 1998. The firm had an objective of offering insights and intelligence on M&A activities. Madison has been in operation for over eighteen years. The firm has been able to establish the leading global network of M&A, finance experts, and turnaround. Today, the firm is honored to present and recognize the success of and facilitate connections between the top performers of the industry throughout the world. The company offers a broad range of services.

About Madison Street Capital
The company is an international firm that deals with investment matters. The firm has a commitment to offering excellent investment and financial services. The firm also provides advisory services, valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise, and financial options. Madison Street Capital offers the services to position customers to succeed in the global marketplace.

Madison Street Capital believes in establishing strong businesses all over the United States. It is based in Chicago. It has a team of professionals who have exceptional knowledge and experience in investment issues. Its philanthropic deeds of supporting organizations like United Way make a difference in communities all over the globe.

Madison Street Capital foresees a successful 2016

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According to Madison Street Capital, LLC, hedge fund industry assets are at an all time high even as most of the hedge fund companies have recorded mediocre performances in the year 2015. The report by Madison street capital also showed that there were 42 hedge fund deals that were made as of 2015 and this number exceeded that of the initial 32 which were closed in 2014. There was an increase in the number of investors coming on board and they are taking up investments and massive allocations to the alternative asset management platform as a way of getting ahead the liabilities likely to occur. These are some of the factors that propelled a rise in the fourth quarter of 2015 and things are looking up for the year 2016 should these trends keep going.

The pedestrian performances by the hedge fund industry assets have seen the smaller outfits struggling to find new forms of investments and capital and this has them operating below their expected levels. The result of this is that the managers are incurring high operational costs and on the other hand they are having pressure coming down on them in term of their fees. There is need for the hedge fund managers to seek and implement alternative strategic policies. There is opportunity for growth in 2016 as the industry is seeking more ways to accommodate both the sellers and the buyers with accommodations being made to incorporate newer M&A opportunities, revenue share stakes, PE stakes and so forth.

Madison street capital, LLC is an international investment banking firm that works diligently to provide leading corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions advisory. The company has specialists who have years of experience when it comes to financing, they are equipped with exceptional knowledge and extensive relations that have made them a world class middle market investment banking firm. Based in Chicago Illinois, the company has locations in north America, Africa, and Asia. Their services include; business valuation services, valuations for financial reporting, restructuring services, valuations for hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions for hedge funds, buying and selling for private equity, middle marketing investment banking among others.

The firm has accumulated years of experience having dealt with client from a variety of backgrounds and this has sought to keep them at the top. The professionals who work out of this firm have made it their mandate to understand their clients’ needs and tailor make their solutions for them using carefully researched analysis allowing them to come up with the best cause of action. Their foundation on achieving the highest forms of dedication to their clients has earned them trust in the industry as well as their contribution to the growth of emerging markets.

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

The Ongoing Success of Madison Street Capital

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In the world of international investment banking, Madison Street Captial stands out as one of the leaders in the small to middle-market. Recently, Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer received the The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony Marsala was awarded for the ongoing success of Madison Street Captial and his personal achievements in his professional finance career. Many very successful business leaders nominated and voted for Marsala to achieve this amazing award. Marsala realizes that his success could have never been achieved without a dedicated team of professionals to help him along the way. The honor of being awarded this recognition in such a competitive industry is something that has really pushed Marsala to the next level of business. You can read more about this prestigious award on Benzinga.

Madison Street Capital has been an industry leader for small to middle-market businesses for quite some time now. As one of the leading investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital is committed to bringing the very best financial advisory services to small and middle-market businesses all around the world. Madison Street Capital also focuses on mergers and acquisition expertise. The expert services in which Madison Street Capital provides allows businesses to succeed greatly in the global marketplace.

Madison Street Capital is committed to bringing the needs of the clients to the table as the most important aspect of business. Making the clients goals and needs top priority is what makes Madison Street Capital a firm in which many businesses place their trust. Emerging markets are a very important part of the success of any client working with Madison Street Capital. A strong focus on these emerging markets is what helps to create amazing success for the clients who works with Madison Street Capital. The great opportunities for growth in these emerging markets can help small to middle-market businesses realize profits that they would otherwise not be able to.

The professionals at Madison Street Capital understand that each client has their own unique and specific needs. It is the job of these professionals to create a financial plan of action that will work hand in hand with the specific needs and goals of every client. Madison Street Capital uses their previous experience with large corporations to better serve smaller businesses who are looking to grow. The future looks very bright for Madison Street Capital as they move forward into a new era of their amazing business journey.

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Understanding Venezuelan Investment Banking Industry by Martin Lustgarten

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Investment banking industries have been facing a storm, to say the least. The storm has left most of these industry players scratching their heads over what they consider irregularities on Venezuela banks. Venezuela has been suffering from a troubled economy since 2014 which has seen most of its bank suffer along.


To withstand this storm Martin Lustgarten, a top Investment expert and Venezuelan banker reveals to other players in the banking industries on the tactics, they should use to ensure that they stay in business. He discloses to them that they should always be on top of their game when it comes to knowledge of the market. He is one of the best advisors when it comes to investing in the markets. His best advice is that market investment is a lifetime event and most investors who are in the market for a shorter time they are in a rude shock. He has evolved to be the most confident person when risking. He invests in long-term investments and advises that people should not invest in only one investment but rather a multi invest in the stock as and shares to receive the best results.


Martin Lustgarten thinks that although most of the Venezuelan bankers in the private sector have been offering their loans mostly to borrowers who they think deserve credit to streamline their costs and also have a sense of security, he thinks this could be a test to macro economy and the development of Venezuela. He goes on to add that the best possible thing that the government of Venezuela could do is making the investors feel more secure and introduce more market-oriented reforms and monetary somberness.


It is for this reason that the investment expert feels that he should educate investors who are willing to capitalize on these promising industry by giving a few basics tips. Martin says that a fresh face on Banking sector could help in turning thing around.

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