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At the helm of Open Society Foundations, George Soros Offers Liberation

by WilliamV .

Open Society Foundation is a charity that is supporting various groups and individuals in over 100 countries. It has been targeted by a variety of individuals with ill motives lately. The latest attempt has put the diligence of the foundation alert when John O’Keefe posing as Victor Kesh made a call to the group. Impersonating himself as “Kesh” and trying to offer help to the team.
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George Soros has been a democratic supporter and who has been a political funder in the United States politics. It is due to the urge to bring sanity into the scene of politics. Politicians that are seeking the presidential race are supported by individuals who need a given course to be implemented by them when they take the leadership thrones.

George Soros has been in politics for quite a long time now, and he has been involved in the policy since his inception in the business industry. He is an entrepreneur who owns Soros Hedge Management Fund. He was born in Budapest but Soros later came and settled in the United States of America. Soros is currently supporting Hillary Clinton in her course for the presidency, and George Soros is advocating for reforms that will make the leaders improve the role that they have towards improving humanity in the world.

His role in human rights and generous nature is exhibited in the foundations that he is currently managing. Through the Open Society Foundation that George Soros established in 1979 he has been able to advance the call for human rights in the society and also allow people to co-exist among themselves peacefully and with dignity. His charity works began by offering assistance to black students in South Africa to obtain their studies in Cape Town and offering a scholarship for other students to study abroad.

Soros has grown his businesses independently, and that is the reason why he has an open mind and that he can speak what he feels about the ongoing political campaigns. Open Society Foundation is a network of partners and other foundations that are involved in a day to day improvement of the rights of people, improve accountability and free access to information to all the citizens in any society. He is, however, adamant to state specifically whether he will be funding as heavily as he did in 2004. See:

George Soros is the chairperson of the Foundation where he has supported causes and organization that are geared towards improving transparency and governance in the society. It has been widely known that most people who are being detained in prisons or jailed are not able to find lawyers to represent them in arguing out their cases.

He created Central European University to engage people in critical thinking. His philanthropy was extended to the United States of America, Africa Asia. Through the course and using Open Society Foundations, they have hired paralegals and lawyers who represent people held in jail without any presentation since they cannot acquire one. It is in the spirit of promoting justice in the society.

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Thor Halvorssen on Socialism

by WilliamV .

The 2016 Presidential Election has brought up several issues with which the public has never really been confronted. Since people have generally never heard of these issues, it can be easy to glamorize them. It is easy to tell people what is great about socialism because the citizens of the United States do not know the demerits or the history of socialism. In this video, Thor Halvorssen pointed that out. He suggested that socialism is being misrepresented, as only the strengths are emphasized and people are not being given a full and fair treatment of the pertinent issues related to socialism.


He Acknowledged That Sometimes It Works

As discussed in this Reddit thread, it is easily to point to a prosperous nation who has socialist policies. Many of us will look to places such as Denmark as a land of peace and prosperity and has a properly functioning socialist government. Yet, argues Halvorssen, there are several counter-examples wherein socialism has been been abused. We would not hastily say that socialism cannot work. But it very often does not work. He does not support socialism because of its’ history. There is too much depth. It is not sufficient to say that it is a countermove against the greed of the wealthy. It is far more than that.


Redistribution of Wealth Does Not Work

The socialist model (as we have heard throughout the presidential election) is to tax the rich and distribute that money among the poor in the form of an increased minimum wage and other feature that the people find compelling. The problem that Halvorssen pointed out is that this necessarily limits the national economy. As a result, we only have a finite amount of money. On capitalism, there is a constant influx. So while the rich will continue to become richer, the poor will as well. That is why the poor in the US are better off than the poor in third world countries.


While one may be compelled by the idea of taking somebody else’s money, it is something like putting a bandaid over the wound from a gunshot. It is an oversimplification of a complex problem.

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