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David Giertz: A Scion of Excellent Financial Advisory

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Retirement ought to be an experience to forward to after years of toiling and moiling. It is a period to kick back and relax as you take a deserved endless break after straining for years to make ends meet. However, it has turned into a nightmarish experience for many especially those who lacked the proper guidance on how to utilize the financial security offered by Social Security. The president of Nationwide Financial, David Giertz, holds that retirees do not fully utilize their Social Security coverage due to lack of information or in some cases, the information they have is inadequate.

The inadequacy or lack of information results from the lack of proper advice by some financial advisors on This was the results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, which also established that many people would sought for new financial advisors in case such services are not offered by their current ones. According to Mr. Giertz, the financial advisor’s guide book is sometimes overwhelming for these professionals on Even though the over 2,700 rules in the book are challenging to master, he believes that financial advisors must step up and advise their clients accordingly on issues pertaining to Social Security or run the risk of losing both clients and their income.

Education Background and Certifications

During his three decade journey through the industry, David Giertz has received licenses to operate as a financial advisor and investment broker. His licenses are recognized in over 15 states. He specializes in mutual funds, retirement planning and financial services. In addition to the four exams he has passed to improve his professional standing, he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Miami’s School of Business where he specialized in business management and administration. David Giertz is also an alumnus of Millikin University where he graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in business management and administration.

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Madison Street Capital helps in the growth of Ares Security

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Madison Street Capital recently worked with the Ares Security in a minority recapitalization transaction. Ares Security is an excellent firm that offers state-of-the-art technology that is used in safeguarding some of the most valuable stuff in the world. Ben Eazzetta, who is a shareholder and president of the firm, thanked Madison for offering excellent services during the investment deal. According to Reginald McGaugh, Madison has an outstanding management team that assisted Ares securities in determining the most reliable financing partner.


Ares Security’s president expressed his gratitude to the Madison Street Capital for the support that they offered in 2016. He said that the whole process impressed him from the hard work, assessment analysis, and sourcing funds. The staff of the investment advisor put in a lot of work to find an appropriate financing partner that will allow Ares to have a better capital structure. The security firm considers Corbel as the best company that can innovatively establish a notable equity worth. Corbel has elastic capital services and effective partnership that will assist the business to carry on with its sales potential as well as take advantage of the emerging revenue opening that will be offered by the Corbel’s excellent network. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a renowned equity fund that has been operational since 2013. It manages about $95 million.


Ares Security Corporation has gained a good reputation for the excellent protection that it offers to highly valuable assets. The firm is currently based in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. It is considered as one of the world’s top companies that provide security risk control services. The solutions of the enterprise guard highly sophisticated systems that are run by the government, energy, transportation, and nuclear industries.


Madison Street Capital is a global leader in the provision of investment banking services. The firm is always devoted to offering its solutions with integrity, service, excellence, and leadership. It has majored in merger and acquisitions, estimations of the worth of public and privately held businesses, and financial opinions. The services of Madison Street Capital reputation is outstanding due to its guidance that assists clients to be prosperous in the international markets. It always considers a client’s projects as its own whenever it takes it on. It helps customers in M&A transactions, raising capital, transferring ownership, and offers financial guidance. Madison Street Capital considers new markets as a major factor that can assist its clients to grow successfully in the international markets. It is highly trusted by customers due to the professionalism that it displays when carrying out transactions.


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Embrace Whole Round Transformation With The Midas Legacy

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The Midas Legacy is elevating entrepreneurs and investors to the success they have sought to achieve for many years. The company offers practical tips and information that is both enlightening and relevant for immediate decision making. Besides offering financial advisory services, the company also helps people to achieve overall health and well being. This is made possible through advice issued by Mark Edwards, who is an expert in natural health knowledge. His experience with natural cures and the fact that he knows several hidden secrets by corporations places him at a vital position in the company.

Success-oriented financial management lessons
Everyone would like to achieve a certain goal in life, but some hindrances delay or completely shatter the achievements. The Midas Legacy is aware of this and has, with the help of experienced professionals like Mark Edwards, come up with plans that will help individuals walk through their journey to success. The guide helps one to understand the challenges that are bound to come in while implementing a certain project and how to navigate around them.

Among professionals who work with the company in this section include Sean Bower, who has published hundreds of articles on financial management. He also boasts of a long experience working as an analyst in the commodities market, so his presence in the company signals success. Jim Samson is also part of the team that offers financial advice with an experience in the real estate and financial markets stretches through several decades.

Retirement planning and wealth management
Many people want to retire early and still have passive income to sustain their lives. This has appeared challenging many times, but The Midas Legacy has been helpful in assisting individuals to plan well for their retirement. The advice offered in this section touches on preparing for retirement and wealth management.

Wealth management is a highly sought after service for the simple fact that it’s not always accurate to assume how life will be in coming years. The Midas Legacy factors in circumstances like uncertainties when analyzing the future potential of assets so as to create an elaborate plan that can help one to increase the value of wealth. No one would like to retire yet start struggling to take care of bills. You will receive tips that will help you to venture into something that will be offering income as you relax and enjoy life with family and friends.

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Richard Blair and Investment Advisory Investment Advisory

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An investment advisory, aka financial advisory, as in investment or financial organizations, consist of an unit of investment professionals in s central asset management to important clients or the clients’ relationship managers of the asset management organization. According to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, an investor advisor is any group or person that makes recommendations about investments or performs securities analysis for a fee. Whether it’s done by publications or through the clients’ asset management, the performance of these services qualify the group or person as an investment advisor according to the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. According to the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), terms like a financial planner and financial adviser are job titles or general terms utilized by investment professionals. FINRA describes the main investment professionals’ groups who may utilized the term financial advisor as being insurance agents, brokers, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and investment advisers.

Investment advisors, aka financial advisors, who have enough assets to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are known as a Registered Investment Advisor, or RIA. They explain investment experts’ ideas to their external or internal clients and recommends adequate investment solutions. They also identify the clients or their organization’s relationship managers’ wishes and needs and transmit them to the unit of central asset management. The financial products and services they offer also depends on the licenses they hold. For example, an insurance agent who sells life insurance may also be qualified to sell variable annuities. A financial advisor may be able to produce financial plans and/or sell financial products.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory organization established in 1994 and located in Austin, Texas. The goal of this company is to make positive and significant differences for families, individuals, and small business owners by helping them to use strategies for retirement income planning and to avoid common pitfalls. And as a result, his knowledge and expertise for retirement planning has been honed.

In his earlier days, Blair was always attracted to the world of education. He witnessed from some of his loved ones how teaching can help one’s confidence and knowledge to grow. Using this teaching aspect along with his natural aptitude for finance, Blair started to assist clients when he entered the financial services industry after graduating from college.


Richard Blair Tells Homeowners the Risks to Consider When Renting Portions of Homes Temporarily

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Renting portions of a home on Airbnb has its problems that can be an inconvenience and unexpected for homeowners. Although it’s a fast way to earn additional income, renters who occupy spaces may cause damages, which isn’t covered in homeowners’ insurance policies. The final result may include legal ramifications and substantial financial losses. Richard Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions in Texas tells homeowners to consider the risks and issues involved in renting properties to temporary tenants. The three important issues he advises property owners to consider are risks, insurance coverage, and enough protection.


Mr. Blair has confidence that considering those issues and obtaining commercial homeowners insurance will limit and/or eliminate those risks and issues. He placed risks at the top of the list of issues to consider before renting parts of owned properties. Tenants cause various risks, including property damages, theft, damage to neighbor’s properties, and the possibility of frivolous lawsuits. They may also cause financial problems by paying late, avoiding & refusal to make payments, and destroying property. Risks are important to consider, and only commercial homeowner’s insurance coverage provides the financial protection and peace of mind.


Never assume traditional homeowner’s insurance coverage is enough protection. Homeowners who owns a tradition insurance policy must also purchase a commercial policy, as well. Insurance coverage is the second issue homeowners should consider when renting temporarily. Traditional homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover home rentals to tenants. If a tenant causes problems and damages, that means the homeowner is liable for expenses for repairs and legal suits.


Homeowners who rent properties on Airbnb must take into account the site only offers a secondary coverage for home rental properties. It’s not enough protection and requires property owners to possess commercial coverage on the portion of house rented temporarily, on a consistent basis. Insurance coverage relieves the homeowner of financial distress in the event of issues and risks.


Before renting rooms and portions of homes, consult with an experienced Investment Advisor and reputable insurance company. Richard Blair has over 22 years of experience in the financial and investment industry. He founded Wealth Solution, a registered investment advisory firm, in 1994. Mr. Blair is a registered Investment Advisor and Certified Annuity Specialist in the State of Texas. He informs his clients and prospective clients of recent advice that can be used to make strategic investment decisions, such as temporary property rentals.

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