Expansion of Business

Fabletics Has A Lot Of Storefronts Opening For Those Who Want To Shop For Activewear

by WilliamV .

When JustFab was started and had a famous face on their campaign, many flocked to the website to sign up for membership, and nothing has changed with the Fabletics company. Similar to JustFab, those who love Fabletics have chosen to become members because they are getting great clothing that is specifically athletic wear, which is hard to find for some people. Although yoga pants seem like they are sold everywhere, many specifically look for a certain type of pants that are meant for yoga and are made out of a particular type of material, so they prefer shopping at Fabletics. Not only can someone shop at Fabletics online, but also in the Fabletics stores at https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics.

The Racked website has reported that Fabletics has opened up their seventh store recently and is looking forward to 75-100 stores opening. The Fabletics co-founders Kate Hudson and Mark Goldenberg are anticipating the stores being open within a five-year period, and they expect no less than 75 stores to be created. Adam states that there are over 800,000 shipments of items that go out from the Fabletics online store each month, so sales will obviously increase once the additional storefronts are open. Those who have a membership can feel free to use it within the Fabletics stores just as freely as they did online.

The membership provided by Fabletics is still good for earning points and rewards as well as for spending the accumulated fees in the store or online. The $49.95 monthly fee stays within the member’s account, and if the member chooses not to spend the money, then the money only accumulates over time, giving the member more money to spend when they are ready. Some choose to save up their membership fees in order to go on spending sprees, and this is great for anyone who want to spend their money within the Fabletics stores on Mall Of America, especially if they know that one will be opening in their area soon.

Men, as well as women, can benefit from the products sold in the Fabletics stores, and with the low prices and excellent quality clothing, many keep returning and have even become members of Fabletics’ online website. Becoming a member is not required but is a great way to save additional money on future purchases from Fabletics. Those who are online members receive lower prices as well as having their products shipped for free, but those who choose to buy in the stores can still get the low prices, but shipping is no longer necessary. Fabletics continues to bring in new and unique activewear on Pinterest. There are great benefits to shopping in both the Fabletics store, as well as Fabletics online, so no customer will be left unhappy.