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Stream Energy, the Most Reliable Energy Providers in Texas

by WilliamV .

Stream Energy is a direct selling firm providing energy and power connection in Texas and is recognized as the most trusted and reliable retail energy providers. According to research carried by Market Strategies International, Stream Energy fits in the top ten list of most trusted electric dealers. The survey carried out by Market Strategies International focused on around 5,000 consumers where it based its research on some unique factors such as community support, communication effectiveness, local reputation, environmental dedication, and competitive rates.

According to the findings of the survey that were published in Cogent Reports, it is clear that the trust of a brand or a company is influenced by the activities of the firm that are consumer or community oriented. What this means is that consumer values and trusts companies extend a helping hand to the community especially during hard times and disasters such as earthquakes or the recently experienced Hurricane Harvey. View the company profile on

Answering to the distress call of the Hurricane Harvey victims, Stream donated around 25,000 dollars to help with the rescue missions and also waived late payment penalties to its wireless customers and energy consumers whose payment time was affected by the disaster. This is just one of the charitable things that Stream Energy has engaged in, and that has won it so much trust and praises from its consumers. The community feels that they can associate with the company since it understands its customers during hard times.

What is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy was established in the year 2005. Its establishment was inspired by a rather simple but innovative idea of using word of mouth to sell energy. By this small act, Stream Energy was able to obtain a unique position in a competitive and somewhat crowded market, and within no time, Stream Energy had risen through the ladders hence becoming one of the largest and reliable companies dealing with direct selling of energy across the globe.


Stream Energy has made so much difference within such a short period, and it is no surprise that it emerged in that list of top ten most reliable energy providers. Thousands of people across the world have benefited from this firm, not only through energy but also through the enormous amount of money that Stream Energy offers to people who tell others about this company or people who help sign up new clients. Stream Energy is one of the few companies that have been able to identify a market gap and use the opportunity to not only maximize on profits but to also win the trust of their consumers and help the community at large. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.