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Talk Fusion Is Ready for Anything

by WilliamV .

One thing in life is for certain: change is going to happen. Now, this is something that frightens and scares a lot of people. They might have grown comfortable and content with a certain way of life. They want to keep things at the status quo. However, that does not leave any room for growth both as a company and as an individual. If there is anyone that understands that, it is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. He founded and created the company in 2007 because he knew there was a void out there that needed filling and he wanted to be the person to fill that void for others.

The void was happiness. A lot of people were stuck in jobs or suits and they were just plain miserable. As the economy got worse and worse, a lot of people were forced to take jobs that did not bring out the best in them. In fact, it was the opposite. It made them angry people. They started to resent going to work and they dreaded the sound of the alarm clock. Bob Reina saw how tech was changing, and he wanted to change with it. With Talk Fusion, it allowed people the glorious chance to work from home.

This allows them to once again be happy, live out their dreams, and spend time with the people that matter the most to them. That is a tremendous feeling, to say the least. It opens up doors they probably thought were long closed. It all starts with voice, data, and communication, which is something that Talk Fusion excels at, to say the least.

They are getting recognized for this by the the Technology Marketing Corporation. They have won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award, which is their second award from this company in the year 2016.

It only goes to show that 2017 is going to be incredible for Talk Fusion and everyone that uses it. Right now, there are thirty-day free trials for folks that want to fully experience Talk Fusion and all of its benefits.


The No-Stress Method For Dealing With Damaging Online Reviews

by WilliamV .

As a business owner, your reputation determines how many customers buy your product or service. If you have a good name, it’s a valuable asset; however, if people are trashing your company online, your sales will suffer because consumers put a lot of stock in reviews. Understand that if you’re in business, you will get a bad review once in a while, no matter how hard you try to please. A customer could have been having a bad day and decided to criticize your restaurant on Yelp or denigrate your hotel on TripAdvisor. An occasional bad comment is nothing to worry about; having all five star reviews appears suspicious.

Respond to bad reviews professionally and reassure your existing customers that they can expect the same great service from you in the future. If you start seeing your reputation going downhill fast, and you are doing nothing differently, a competitor, an ex or a disgruntled employee may be trying to sabotage your business. Don’t let these attacks distract you from operating your business and providing the highest level of service. Call the experts at and get a free quote. Clean up your search results. It is an investment in your company’s most valuable asset, your reputation.

Having the experts at repair your online reputation is much easier than obsessing over what people are saying about you online. You need to do everything possible to earn glowing reviews; let the professionals deal with the haters. Stay focused on your business; entrepreneurs always have to deal with setbacks, however, the smart business owners know when it is time to ask for help. Follow Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more.