The Identity and Leadership of Gregory James Aziz

by WilliamV .

Gregory James Aziz is currently the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, one of today’s globally leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies based in Hamilton, Ontario. He is the man behind the excellent record of National Steel over 100 years of manufacturing quality freight and tank cars, earning the company its reputation of being North America’s leading manufacturer.

The Rise of James

James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario and got his education at Ridley College before majoring in economics at the prestigious University of Western Ontario. It was not long before he moved to join his family business in wholesale food manufacturing, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. He became part of the company’s growth over 16 years and led it to become one of the world’s top importer of fresh quality foods from Central and South America and Europe. With the help of Greg Aziz, Affiliated Foods reached its distribution line to all the major fresh food and wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and the United States.

National Steel’s Transformation

Greg James Aziz also worked on numerous investment banking accounts in New York during the late 1980s until the early 1990s. In 1884 he was able to successfully organize the acquisition of the National Steel Car from Dofasco, with the goal of transitioning the formerly great Canadian form into its transformation as North America’s No. 1 railroad freight car producer.

Strengths and Vision

Gregory J Aziz was able to fuel the growth of National Steel Car by emphasizing the company’s strong engineering background, its people’s team-building assets and the fantastic human and capital investment endorsed by the enterprise. This growth is highly evident in the capability of the manufacturer to increase its production from 3,500 cars/year at the time of the acquisition to 12,000 vehicles by the end of 1999. Such growth gave rise to employment from 600 to as many as 3,000.

James Aziz credits this success to the company’s unceasing desire and vision to be the country’s leading and top manufacturer with the highest engineering standards. His passion for building quality and innovative brand-new railroad cars each year also made National Steel Car as the only railroad freight vehicles manufacturer to be certified IS0 9001:2008, and keeping this honor in the last 18 years through a continuous series of recertification. Since 1996 the company has also been continuously awarded the TTX SECO recognition that certifies the company’s highest quality standards.

The Businessman and the Philanthropist

by WilliamV .


Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital, was recently interviewed by Eric Dye who hosts the radio show, Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio where potential Entrepreneurs gain business advice, motivation and major event coverage from around the world. Shah’s interview touched on topics such as his founding of Solo Capital, advice to becoming a business owner and his motivation behind starting Autism Rocks and its 2016 charity concert.

Sanjay Shah is a known philanthropist and respected businessman. He is mostly known for starting Autism Rocks in 2014, a charity organization that uses funds raised at its annual concert to aid in researching autism. Autism is a neurological disorder that creates life long developmental disabilities which include difficulties with social relationships and communication skills. Shah founded the charity after his son, Nikhil was diagnosed with the disorder in 2011.

When starting Autism Rocks, Shah says he combined his love of family and music with his entrepreneurial spirit to help fund research for the neurological disorder and raise awareness of it. In April 2016, he will host this year’s concert which will feature performers such as Flo Rida and Tyga. Sanjay Shah has helped open many doors in better understanding autism than ever before thanks to the funds raised from his organization.

Before Founding Autism Rocks, He founded his brokerage firm, Solo Capital in London. His experience with his business helped aid him in his interview where he gave his personal advice on how to own and run a successful business. The advice he gave included not to underestimate the amount of money needed to start the business and not to do all of the work yourself.

Before becoming an accountant, he wanted to a doctor, but decided medicine was not what he wanted to do. So, he got his MBA and an accounting degree and after various jobs decided to start his own and Solo Capital was made.