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NetPicks Teaches Socially Responsible Investing

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NetPicks has been around since 1996, working towards educating new and experienced investors on how to get better at online trading.

The company has been giving tips on how to do socially responsible investing as social responsibility is one of the most largely discussed topics as of late. Social responsibility pertains to just about all aspects of life. One of the most talked about aspects, however, is consumerism. People have started asking where they products come from, how are the ingredients sourced, and how are the people working for the businesses treated, to name a few.

NetPicks provides us with a few tips on how to be socially responsible when investing capital. First off, those who make a lot of money have the power to give it away and help those in need. That is why you should not be taking any risks with your money because your financial stability is important and if you can help someone else that is even better. Look for brokerages with low costs and flat fees to save money.  Check this.

Nex thing is to be aware of where your money is going. To be socially responsible, you should make yourself perfectly informed about what kind of companies are in the ETF. Maybe some of the use exploitative methods or do product sourcing in a wrongful way. Those are the ETFs to stay away from so you don’t end up supporting those brands. Additional informative articles to read here.

The third piece of advice is to socially responsible for your household. Do good by others but to yourself and your family as well. Every individual is part of the society so you should look after the safety and financial stability of your family as well. Making fast money sounds good but it is also extremely risky. Do not put all of your money in one company waiting to make big money overnight.  Watch and learn from the demo videos on

NetPcks provides a lot of insight within and outside of their courses for online traders and investors.Netpcks has set a new standard for such education as it teaches with hands-on experience about the many platforms for online trading and it also provides coaching.  Get connected now, click on

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‘Socially Responsible Investment’ the NetPicks’ Way: Green

by WilliamV .

NetPicks was founded by Mark Soberman in the late 20th century with the goal of educating traders on how to engage in the trading business. Based in the Texas town of Irving, the company has qualified professionals who guarantee a good experience for clients. Some of the services that company offers include: futures, stocks, ETFs and forex. The company has tutorials posted on its Youtube channel to help students of forex trading understand and engage in trading.

NetPicks in trying to demystify trading simplify the entire process and make it accessible to all interested parties. This company lays emphasis on ‘sustainable development’ and the need for the reduction of environmental degradation even as it strives for advancement in technology. The ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ which was published by Al Gore was an eye opener so that people were able to emphasis sustainable development. Now NetPicks educates traders on investing in socially responsible fashions.

Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs unlike stocks are traded in a manner similar to mutual bonds. In trying to maximize financial returns, the social value of the traders has to be borne in mind and this is why these four groups are encouraged. The considerations are: positive and negative screening, ESG integration and themed investing.

Positive screening implies the selection of companies, projects and firms basing this on the criteria set up. In negative screening, some investments are exempted which aren’t viable on the basis of social impact of the investment. ESG integration is also another factor borne in mind when making an analysis of investment. Themed investing is another criteria which is considered in the selection of investment to ensure that ‘sustainable development themes’ like alternative energy and other factors.  Helpful info available on this related link.

NetPicks encourages investors to consider the four recommendations made while making an investment. Regular or new investors can seek more investment help from NetPicks that are sustainable. Learn more from this useful link


NetPicks, which opened its doors in 1996, has over25 years of trade experience and 17 years of educating traders. The trading system which has been set up by NetPicks adheres to goals such as helping full-time career opportunities for traders and helping traders have part time income.

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