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Political World Embraces Return of George Soros

by WilliamV .

If you want to consider the 2016 Presidential Race some sort of film then we’d merely embrace it as the opening act. After the election of Donald Trump one thing is abundantly clear: the political powerhouses that have kept the United States on point and in the right hands are back and ready to fight for what is right. That’s right, noted billionaire progressive George Soros has re-emerged as a staunch advocate for human rights, social justice, and economic equality. Soros’ return to the political machine came as a surprise to many of his progressive backers after the noted philanthropist had decided to step away. However, the threat posed by President Trump was simply too great for him to ignore.

A brief introduction to George Soros is in order for anyone who may not understand the full importance of his political return. Soros is by far one of the most successful investors to ever step foot in the United States. Soros is a Hungarian Born, New York resident. Soros has a long and storied history that could be made right into a film and most people would be cheering him on. Soros work is far more important than what he has just done for his investors and his bottom line. In fact, Soros is one of the most renowned philanthropists on the planet — something we’ll get more into here in a little bit. But with this brief introduction in place, we can focus on why Soros’ return is so important. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros rose to political fame when he backed Al Gore in his Presidential bid against the incumbent George W. Bush. Of course this election became contentious and to this day the results are still not accepted by many. With that said, Soros made himself a global player in the progressive game. Soros put his money where his mouth was and made it abundantly clear that he was ready to help lead the progressive cause forward. Still, Soros knew that he didn’t want money to influence politics and he thus took a relative back seat, until the November Election. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Soros knew that a President Trump could be disastrous for the United States so he made sure to put his chips in behind Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton obviously did not win the election but her ability to bring George Soros out into the mainstream again could have long ranging effects for years to come. Soros is now working hand in hand with other top flight progresses in order to ensure that the world continues spinning, despite whatever regressive agenda President Trump might put forth.

A great example of Soros and his philanthropy is the Open Society Foundations. This is Soros’ huge philanthropic endeavor that has helped hook up progressive causes around the world with the money that they need to succeed. A great example is how the Ferguson Protests utilized funding from George Soros in order to get their message of equality out to the world in an era where people aren’t as inclined to listen.

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Mike Baur Helps the Entrepreneurs Establish Themselves

by WilliamV .

When Mike Baur decided that it was time leave the banking business he did not walk away from this with a blank slate. He had a new vision for his life and he wanted to do something that would be different from the life that he held in the banking industry. What Mike Baur would decide to do is create a team of mentors and coaches that could help anyone that was trying to get themselves geared for an entrepreneurial endeavor. Mike has been able to venture into fundraising and helping those that are interested in getting a mentorship program started with the Swiss startup Factory.


He really has done a lot to help entrepreneurs because his company offers consultants that can help in so many different areas. Many people that have business ideas may only think about the beginning of how a business will function. They may consider an e-commerce site or a brick-and-mortar store, but they may have no idea about how they are planning to further develop products or services.


Fortunately, Mike has someone in place to help when it comes to establishing a routine for product development. Any customer that initially comes to a company may like something that is new, but it can be a very tedious process to actually get someone to consider continuing to patronize products if there is no innovation. Consumers that try clothes are going to look for the latest trends and go with the next best thing. People that buy technology are going to soon get tired of what is available and reach for the next best thing. What Mike and his Swiss Startup Factory is doing if helping entrepreneurs see that product development plays a very important part in building relationships with consumers. There has to be some level of innovation that comes forth in order to keep customers satisfied. This is something that Mike knows, and he believes that there are lots of elements that are going to play a part in how consumers are choosing to spend their money. He is willing to teach entrepreneurs how to tackle these elements.


Mike has used a background in banking to accelerate himself in the world of venture capitalism. He knows about what it takes to get funding, and he is spreading the word about this to other entrepreneurs that may need venture capitalists to help them start their businesses.



Autism Rocks Formed by Financial Adviser, Sanjay Shah

by WilliamV .

In order to raise more awareness about autism and those that are afflicted with the condition, the charity Autism Rocks is hosting another benefit concert and fun family day. Donations and proceeds from the day long, family friendly event will go to providing funding research into the causes of autism, and helping to raise public awareness and education. For the Sanjay Shah Denmark family, it is a personal cause, a charity that they formed when their son was diagnosed with autism and upon realizing that there was not as much support for families and parents.

While Shah started the charity out of necessity and need for his son, it is not his full time career, nor was he extremely experienced in the world of non profit organizations when he began. Instead, Shah was and has always been involved in the financial industry, where he is the CEO of his old capital marketing company. Shah’s company is an international financial company, handling investments and financial services for clients that it caters its business offerings to based on their needs. Shah saw the need for a boutique firm after learning about how saturated and competitive the industry already was.

In addition to the financial holdings business, Sanjay  has founded and still runs several other businesses, in the UK, Europe, and around the world. Shah has a habit of forming businesses where he sees an immediate need and has an idea to solve a problem or provide a service that is lacking. In doing this, all of his niche businesses have flourished and done well no matter what the industry or how much previous experience he has in the various industries. Autism Rocks is the only charitable foundation that Shah has formed, but the success and need for the services it provides has led to him creating a trust in order to ensure the foundations legacy. Through focused giving and charitable donations, Shah understands that he can better follow the success and impact of his work, much like he would measure in his other businesses and financial services that rely on smart business management and operations.

Brad Reifler Shares Some Good Advice

by WilliamV .

Satire has the potential to do more than make people laugh. A good satire has the potential to lead some to seriously thinking about the themes found in a good satirical work. Brad Reifler, a person with extensive financial experience, wants people to learn lessons from the film Money Monster. Money Monster is a satirical portrait of a financial guru who ends up in a hostage situation due to his chronic bad advice.

Reifler knows that bad advice is something the average middle class investor has to deal with. Not everyone has access to top advisors. Reifler, himself, focus mainly on working with the “1%” – accredited investors with tremendous assets. Being in charge of Forefront Capital, Reifler deals with accredited investors all the time. Recently, Reifler chose to start expanding his outreach to those who are not accredited investors. A person whose net worth falls under a certain threshold is not deemed accredited. Such a person is barred from riskier, costlier investment strategies such as investing in startups, oil wells, and more. Middle class investors do avoid expensive risk, but they also avoid the potential catastrophic losses that come with risk.

Non-accredited investors do run into some trouble because their limited options and limited experience can lead to making mistakes. A common mistake is to put all of one’s money into the stock market. The stock market absolutely has value for investors. The diversity of the multitude of stocks accessible to investors is another positive. The problem here is there are scores of other valuable investment strategies to pursue outside of the stock market. Putting all one’s funds into the stock market might not be the wisest plan.

Fees also create a danger zone for investors. The fees a middle class investor may pay to advisors or financial managers could cut deeply into investment capital. Reifler warns of these fees. Investors should heed the warning.

Reifler truly does know finances and investing. He has many decades in the industry and has been in charge of more than one company. Listening to his advice may be wise. So is checking out the film Money Monster.

Sustainability and Recycling Contribute to Eucatex as Leader in Exporting

by WilliamV .

Eucatex is an international exporter of doors, baseboards, flooring, partitions, hardboard made of eucalyptus and high-quality paint. Eucalyptus grows plentifully in Brazil where Eucatex was founded in 1951, and no one had used it on an international scale until Paulo Maluf began by building one manufacturing building in Salto, and he named it Eucatex.

Maluf was involved in politics, partially as a blogger, but by 1951 he wanted his own business. He knew he could use the eucalyptus, and he developed a plan that would reforest the trees that he used. Paulo was concerned about the environment and the sustainability of ecology and the environment. This aspect of the business is what puts Eucatex over the top. They manufacture high-quality products, but they recycle and restore what they have taken from the earth.

For many years, Eucatex was managed by Paulo, who was the founder, CEO. president and chairman of the board, but Eucatex was known as a family business because the family worked there. In 2010, Flavio Maluf, Paulo’s son, took over as president and CEO, and in 2011, Eucatex celebrated its 60th a market leader.

This anniversary officially announced the beginning of Flavio’s management, and he began by modernizing the processes and opening a new office in Botucato. Flavio had worked for the company since 1987, after attending the University. He started in the trade area and continued to work in all the departments. Flavio was family, but he also had tremendous experience in how the company worked.

Flavio is also a philanthropist in the country of Brazil. He is involved with charity events and volunteer programs in many areas of Brazil. He runs food programs to help the people. It is this giving along with preserving the planet that has rocketed Eucatex in sales and profits during the past decade.

By 2016, Eucatex has three regional offices, three offices overseas, and three manufacturing plants in Brazil. Eucatex also has three forestry units, which supply the eucalyptus for the products. As a company that started with only one plant in 1951, Eucatex has become a respected world leader in 60 years.

The Rich Resume Of Kenneth Goodgame

by WilliamV .

Kenneth Goodgame is an influential operations management expert. Through innovative marketing strategies and merchandising, Kenneth has created innumerable OEM excellence. He has also played a pivotal role in streamlining financial oversight besides innovative business strategies. Kenneth’s focus is to maintain a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, design sound quality assurance systems and reliable key performance indicators. Through augmenting these functions, Kenneth has been able to improve the performance and profitability margins of different corporations.

Kenneth Goodgame uses transformative leadership to promote growth. His cost analysis abilities, quality improvement mechanism, negotiation skills and capability to enhance productivity cannot be undermined. Kenneth’s broad experience provides him with a veteran’s eye to steer through market shifts. This way, he avoids costly mistakes that may have adverse effects on the profitability and productivity objectives of an organization.

Kenneth is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. Between 1994 and 2002, Kenneth worked at the Home Depot in Atlanta, GA. He started as a Hardlines D28 product merchant. His duty was to manage all purchases regarding indoor garden category. In 1999, he was promoted to the position of director in charge of proprietary brands. In 2001, Kenneth became the senior global product merchant at the Home Depot. Between 2002 and 2007, Kenneth worked at the Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, NC. Here, he started as the president and general manager in charge of Rubbermaid cleaning. In 2004, he was elevated to serve as the president and general manager in charge of Bernzomatic. Between 2006 and 2007, Kenneth was the senior vice president in charge of marketing, sales and channel of the Irwin PTA & Shur-Line painting products.

Between 2008 and 2010, Kenneth worked at the Techtronic Industries North America located in Anderson, SC. Here, he was the president of Baja Motorsports and the president of direct tools factory outlets. Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, IL, enlisted the services of Kenneth between 2010 and 2013. In this corporation, Kenneth was in charge of general merchandising. Kenneth worked at the True Value Hardware Corporation headquartered in Chicago, IL, between 2013 and 2015. He was the senior vice president and headed the merchandising department.

Dr. Avi Wesifogel and his many talents

by WilliamV .

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing certified dentist in the New Jersey area who has his hand in many areas of interest. He has recently started a GoFundMe campaign for an organization called Operation Smile. It is a non-profit organization that is purely ran from donations and he has started the campaign in hope to raise enough money to help those who are in need of services provided by Operation Smile. It’s a global organization that was founded in 1984 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was based in the Philippines where they were able to help perform facial surgeries for those who suffered from facial deformities, cleft palates and cleft lips. Their organization has always been focused on the children and making sure that they never lose sight of hope, and always treating them as if they are their own. This is one of the reasons that Avi Weisfogel chose to support Operation Smile. The foundation has been performed surgeries for children in need for over thirty years and travel all over the world with the help of volunteers and medical facilities along with those who are helping raise funds. He has placed $2000.00 of his very own money into the campaign in hopes to get the support and get a jump start on it.

Dr. Weisfogel has also started his very own company called the Dental Sleep Masters. Along with his practicing dentistry office, he has a company that helps dentist’s offices and their staff educate and look for patients that may suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately there are many people who suffer from sleep apnea, and Dr. Weisfogel has made it his mission to educate and help patient’s correct their sleep disorder.

When he isn’t busy with his practice, business and charity work, he has developed a love for hip hop music. You can listen and follow his new tunes on Soundcloud.

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The Experience and Leadership Acumen of John Goullet

by WilliamV .

Diversant is a professional IT staffing company that has truly established itself as one of the top companies in its field. One of the main reasons for this would be because they connect only the best IT professionals with up-and-coming Fortune 500 companies worldwide. They are set apart from the other IT staffing companies because they go above and beyond just a list of bullet points for new IT professionals to consider. They provide a proprietary screening process in order to help match IT employees to a better job. They do this by by partnering with mid-market companies to help IT professionals find a job they will love.

One of the main movers-and-shakers for this firm would be John Goullet. Goullet serves as the principal for Diversant, and he is responsible for developing new strategies for success in the ever-evolving IT marketplace. He has a lengthy, impressive resume in a number of interrelated fields. Goullet started his career as a consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation in Lyndhurst, NJ from 1981 to 1983. From there, he took a position as another consultant at the Constell Group in Piscataway, NJ from 1983 to 1986. He took a position at 3D Information Services in Bridgewater, NJ from 1986 to 1987 and then was hired as a consultant in Cap Gemini America in Edison, NJ from 1987 to 1990.

John decided to switch to IT staffing in 1994, and that was a big year for him because he decided to start his own company. He founded Info Technologies, and within five years the company had grown to having about $30 million in assets. It actually made the number 8 spot on Inc Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies.

In 2010, John and a friend of his merged companies. He combined Info Technologies and Diversant to form Diversant LLC. He joined a list of many qualified IT professionals in the company, including Jim Yoshimura, William M. Grubbs and Steven J. Scopellite. John and this group of highly-qualified individuals are looking to continue the success of this company into the better part of the 21st Century. They believe the sky is truly the limit.

James Dondero’s Partnership with Linda Owen set to expand Highland Capital management, L.P.’s Philanthropy

by WilliamV .

The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P (HCM), Mr. James Dondero, have again shown his dedication to philanthropy by teaming up with Linda Owen, a renowned civic leader and charitable programs’ manager.

In bringing on board the former president and CEO of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Dondero is set to revamp HCM’s philanthropic activities. Linda’s partnership with The Dallas Foundation is poised to provide a strategic path that HCM’s charitable activities will follow.

Currently, HCM’s annual contributions towards charity are in the excess of $3 million. Among the firm’s fields of interest are education, health care, veterans’ causes, and empowerment of the Dallas community.

Some of the beneficiaries of HCM charity located in Dallas are The Center for Brain Health, Snowball Express, The American Heart Association, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Uplift Education, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and The Dallas Zoo. Linda Owen was equally optimistic about her partnership with James Dondero. She was particularly delighted to work with a team that showed selfless commitment to community empowerment. Specifically, she lauded HCM’s top leadership and employees for not only offering financial support to different community programs but also for participating in their operations.

Linda’s accomplishments include overseeing the completion of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas in 2012 when she was president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. As president and CEO of The Real Estate Council (TREC), she managed and coordinated projects for a commercial real estate association, the Dallas-Fort Worth area and also managed its non-profit programs.

As president and co-founder of HCM, Dondero has proved to be an innovative and visionary leader. His role in signing the partnership with Linda displays his astute leadership capabilities. Alongside co-founder Mark Okada, Dondero has also overseen the introduction of innovative credit management assets such as the distressed and special situations private equity and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

Dondero’s commitment to community empowerment is visible in his philanthropy and participation in different associations. For instance, he is involved in the operations of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank, where he serves as chairman of the board. He is also a member of the boards of American Banknote and MGM studios.

Jim Hunt Talks About Charting on VTA Publications

by WilliamV .

Jim Hunt gives a brief talk on how he uses charts and graphs to determine when to buy and when to sell not only the markets but specific stocks and funds. A recent interview focused on how the U.S. stock market is fairly high, given the global economic problems. However, recent chart activity shows that the market can go even higher. Jim is a professional investment analyst and advisor. Having someone who has the experience and knowledge of how charts can help predict future price movements, can truly increase your overall investment performance.

VTA Publications is a company that offers online courses and real life stories to help people increase their understanding of certain topics. They also provide event catering services. The company was started in 2012. They host different ideas, offer learning guides, seminars, webinars and other events that focus on topics of interest. They host all kinds of investment seminars and online courses. That is why Jim Hunt is a part of the company. He can offer benefits to others by sharing his knowledge.

VTA offers guides for retirement planning from the Bible. Most guides are easy to follow and simply help you learn about various topics of interest. One of their most popular items is a booklet that teaches how to invest, using the benefit of charts and other analytical tools. It teaches about chart patterns and how to recognize trends by studying historical charts and actions. For more experienced investors the booklet on how to trade options contracts is a popular item. There are a lot of tools available to learn new things and stretch your mind.  Read more about VTA and Jim Hunt’s offerings on MoreMoneyReview.