Save On Your Tuition And Fees With A New Savings Program

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There are several ways for parents and their children to save on college tuition by utilizing the NexBank college savings program. They have implemented a plan that has allowed students to choose from over 5,600+ programs. These programs are designed to save you thousands of dollars in tuition. Nexbank has recently acquired College Savings Bank based in New Jersey in an attempt to expand their services. The President of Texas based NexBank says he wants this merger to be a smooth as possible for everyone involved. You don’t have to worry about how your going to pay for your college tuition when times get hard.

NexBank Features

NexBank allows their customers to do many things outside of the traditional banking with your local agency. Their customers have many features available to them online causing them to be one of the largest financial institutions in the industry. PRN News says that thousands of customers have access to many features that will allow them to buy a new house, car, or a boat. You have the option of doing more than just allowing your money to sit in a bank. NexBank allows the opportunity to allow your money to work for you.

– Free online bill bay
– Direct deposit
– 24/7 customer service
– Mortgage accounts

A recent program in the local Dallas area with Habitat For Humanity as allowed many affordable home ownership programs to be made available to low income individuals. There are a lot of people that have already been helped through their housing program that gives their clients a reasonable mortgage and a low interest rate. You’re invited to become a NexBank member by registering for an account on their website. They offer many promotional offers with their new customers. Join NexBank today for more details.

Lemonade Day Sponsored By NexBank Benefits Youth From North Texas

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Recently, NexBank sponsored Lemonade Day Greater Dallas in North Texas. During the event, Youth from the area set up lemonade stands in the entire Metroplex to mark the event. Lemonade Day Greater Texas is an educational program for the entire community. It educates young people on the essentials of establishing, owning, and running a company. The lemonade stand is used as a classic business model. NexBank, a financial services firm based in Dallas was proud to be the presenting sponsor of the occasion in North Texas.

According to John Holt, president and CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., Lemonade Day helps the youth in the community to develop skills necessary for building a strong financial foundation. Additionally, it helps them to realize their potential when they are introduced to financial concepts, leadership, and entrepreneurism.

Matt Siekielski, the executive vice president and COO of NexBank noted that they were proud to sponsor the program. He added that supporting the young entrepreneurs was critical. That is because it provided a way of ensuring that the future generation of business leaders in Dallas is trained.

About NexBank
NexBank Capital Inc. has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a financial services firm that caters for its customers by specializing in three important areas. They include commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking. NexBank offers financial as well as banking services. Primarily, its services are provided to premier institutional clients, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals across the nation.

Through its commitment to its clients along with industry leading services, NexBank endeavors to deliver exceptional value at each opportunity. It offers its clients unmatched access to exclusive as well as personalized solutions. These solutions are delivered by seasoned professionals that have record of success. In December 2015, NexBank announced that it had obtained College Savings Bank of Princeton, a New Jersey bank.


NexBank Sponsors Greater Dallas Lemonade Day

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NexBank recently sponsored a Lemonade Day event for the youth in North Texas. It’s part of the Greater Dallas Lemonade Day. The goal of the Lemonade Day program is to teach the basics of business ownership and operation to area youth. Young people all over the Dallas Metroplex took part in the communitywide education program. A lemonade stand is a common first business for many generations of Americans, so it’s a great tool to use for teaching young people just what it takes to run this classic business. The skills they gain can serve them well throughout the rest of their lives.

This is not the first time NexBank Capital, Inc. has been a sponsor of the event. Based in Dallas, NexBank is a financial services company that offers investment banking, mortgage banking, and commercial banking for businesses and individuals. Its primary customers are corporations, financial institutions, and businesses.
The company also offers advisory services. Their clients include real estate investors, banks, middle-market companies, large corporations, and small businesses. They also work with clients nationwide that are involved in the capital markets.

Since 1922 NexBank has been an industry leader and has developed a reputation for providing custom-tailored solutions and uncommon value to their clients. Plus the NexBank staff of experienced professionals have a track record for the highest quality work. They have also shown the ability to successfully handle even the most specialized, complex needs of their clients. NexBank is also committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.

The company’s sponsorship of the Lemonade Day and its role in teaching financial management and entrepreneurism skills to the youth in the Greater Dallas area is an extension of that commitment. The business skills the youths gain can help them to become Dallas’ next generation of business leaders.


Understanding Venezuelan Investment Banking Industry by Martin Lustgarten

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Investment banking industries have been facing a storm, to say the least. The storm has left most of these industry players scratching their heads over what they consider irregularities on Venezuela banks. Venezuela has been suffering from a troubled economy since 2014 which has seen most of its bank suffer along.


To withstand this storm Martin Lustgarten, a top Investment expert and Venezuelan banker reveals to other players in the banking industries on the tactics, they should use to ensure that they stay in business. He discloses to them that they should always be on top of their game when it comes to knowledge of the market. He is one of the best advisors when it comes to investing in the markets. His best advice is that market investment is a lifetime event and most investors who are in the market for a shorter time they are in a rude shock. He has evolved to be the most confident person when risking. He invests in long-term investments and advises that people should not invest in only one investment but rather a multi invest in the stock as and shares to receive the best results.


Martin Lustgarten thinks that although most of the Venezuelan bankers in the private sector have been offering their loans mostly to borrowers who they think deserve credit to streamline their costs and also have a sense of security, he thinks this could be a test to macro economy and the development of Venezuela. He goes on to add that the best possible thing that the government of Venezuela could do is making the investors feel more secure and introduce more market-oriented reforms and monetary somberness.


It is for this reason that the investment expert feels that he should educate investors who are willing to capitalize on these promising industry by giving a few basics tips. Martin says that a fresh face on Banking sector could help in turning thing around.

More information for Martin Lustgarten:

Twitter: @mlustgarten2