Brian Bonar Builds An Impressive Financial Industry Legacy

by WilliamV .

There are few financial industry executives who can claim to have maintained their position over the period of time Brian Bonar has remained an integral figure in the U.K. and global financial sector. Unlike many of his contemporaries Bonar has carved out an impressive career by concentrating his efforts on a single area of the financial sector, namely the provision of services for small and medium sized businesses that may struggle to keep up to date with all their financial requirements.

The career of Brian Bonar has lasted over 30 years and taken in a range of industrial sectors after the graduate of Stafford University began his career in engineering with IBM; even in these early stages of his career Bonar was seeking to break into the financial sector as he combined his technical engineering skills with the role of procurement manager. The experience of combining his engineering and financial skills seemed to form a new way of looking at the business world for Brian Bonar as he sought to explore sales and financial roles for a number of different companies.

Eventually, Brian Bonar found the perfect company to showcase his expertise when he joined the impressive Dalrada business in 1992 as Director of Technology Sales in 1992. Since taking on this first role with Dalrada the position of Bonar himself and the company as a whole has developed to new and interesting areas of success, particularly as the Dalrada brand has continued to evolve under the leadership of Bonar that began in 1999 when he was appointed Chairman of the company.

Brian has remained one of the most impressive entrepreneurs and business executives in the U.K. and around the world for small and medium businesses throughout the 21st century. Unwilling to stand still in the business and financial world, Bonar has developed his own Trucept company that has been created to expand on the work already undertaken by Dalrada; Trucept looks to develop strategies for aiding companies complete their payroll, administration, and employee benefits tasks in a simple and offsite manner.