Brad Reifler Shares Some Good Advice

by WilliamV .

Satire has the potential to do more than make people laugh. A good satire has the potential to lead some to seriously thinking about the themes found in a good satirical work. Brad Reifler, a person with extensive financial experience, wants people to learn lessons from the film Money Monster. Money Monster is a satirical portrait of a financial guru who ends up in a hostage situation due to his chronic bad advice.

Reifler knows that bad advice is something the average middle class investor has to deal with. Not everyone has access to top advisors. Reifler, himself, focus mainly on working with the “1%” – accredited investors with tremendous assets. Being in charge of Forefront Capital, Reifler deals with accredited investors all the time. Recently, Reifler chose to start expanding his outreach to those who are not accredited investors. A person whose net worth falls under a certain threshold is not deemed accredited. Such a person is barred from riskier, costlier investment strategies such as investing in startups, oil wells, and more. Middle class investors do avoid expensive risk, but they also avoid the potential catastrophic losses that come with risk.

Non-accredited investors do run into some trouble because their limited options and limited experience can lead to making mistakes. A common mistake is to put all of one’s money into the stock market. The stock market absolutely has value for investors. The diversity of the multitude of stocks accessible to investors is another positive. The problem here is there are scores of other valuable investment strategies to pursue outside of the stock market. Putting all one’s funds into the stock market might not be the wisest plan.

Fees also create a danger zone for investors. The fees a middle class investor may pay to advisors or financial managers could cut deeply into investment capital. Reifler warns of these fees. Investors should heed the warning.

Reifler truly does know finances and investing. He has many decades in the industry and has been in charge of more than one company. Listening to his advice may be wise. So is checking out the film Money Monster.