Brad Reifler Keen on Investing on the 99 Percent Majority

by WilliamV .

Brad Reifler has been working in the financial world since 1982 and has grown to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector. The founder and current CEO of Forefront Capital Group has offered five tips that can be used by all investors when making safe investments.

Reifler’s 5 Tips for Safe Investing

1. Investors should be careful about how they make their investments. They ought to consider risks, expenses and charges. They should also create personal investment goals and take inventory of their assets.

2. One ought to be concerned about their money’s safety.

3. Refrain from investing all their money in the stock market.

4. Find a trustworthy manager. This allows one to put their trust in them.

5. Have key objectives and goals for investing in the first place. This allows one to be careful about their investments and evaluate performance.

Investing for the 99 Percent

Reifler has long advocated for the majority of Americans that earn low income but want to invest their money well. However the investment environment in the country is rigged to favor the minority one percent that strategize and invest well in hedge funds, commodity funds and public funds. While diversification is a good investment strategy it is normally reserved for the rich.

In an article about Forefront, Yahoo Finance reported Reifler was instigated to start providing investment solutions for the majority of low net worth individuals when his own father-in-law gave him his life’s savings to invest.

The Securities and Exchange Commission currently uses strict investing rules that were formulated 32 years ago. They favor high net worth investors over others even as calls to reevaluate these laws continue to be made. Reifler believes that if the majority of the middle and low net worth Americans were allowed to invest freely, then they stood a chance to steadily grow their wealth.  Follow Reifler’s journey to make things right on his website.

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  1. William Vinice says:

    After nearly 35 years of working, he found out that the strategies he wanted to use for investing his money were not opened to him. In addition, Reifler once invested in 529 college savings only to realize that he lost his money in the end. It is very good that to read college essays there are things that should be done all along.

    March 12, 2017 at 10:56 am