Beat the High Cost of Housing- Rent a Customized Van

by WilliamV .

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, then you already know that rent in the area is astronomical with the average one bedroom apartment often renting for over $3096 a month. While some executives may have no trouble paying that rent, many people who work at lower-level jobs really struggle to pay the rent each month. Robert Allen of Daly City, California, believes that you should live in one of his vans costing only $300 a month as long as you do not plan on moving the van during the month. Alternatively, if you want to change locations the cost can be up to $1200 a month which is still a steel in the Bay area. Robert delivers the vans to the user’s location free of charge.
Robert says that he tries to make the interior of each van as user friendly as possible. He only uses gently driven Dodge Caravans because they have a larger interior. Each van comes fully equipped with a platform bed and a kitchenette complete with a camper stove. He even includes two comfortable chairs inside each van.
The normal customer for the van is usually going on vacation and cannot find a reasonable hotel room or just wants to be closer to the action. Others, however, choose to park the van in their employer’s parking lot. This is especially true of those who work for high-tech companies that often provide free food and showering facilities to employees.
Robert says that he currently owns a fleet of five vans but quickly adds that he will add to that fleet as the need arises for affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay area.

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