Autism Rocks Formed by Financial Adviser, Sanjay Shah

by WilliamV .

In order to raise more awareness about autism and those that are afflicted with the condition, the charity Autism Rocks is hosting another benefit concert and fun family day. Donations and proceeds from the day long, family friendly event will go to providing funding research into the causes of autism, and helping to raise public awareness and education. For the Sanjay Shah Denmark family, it is a personal cause, a charity that they formed when their son was diagnosed with autism and upon realizing that there was not as much support for families and parents.

While Shah started the charity out of necessity and need for his son, it is not his full time career, nor was he extremely experienced in the world of non profit organizations when he began. Instead, Shah was and has always been involved in the financial industry, where he is the CEO of his old capital marketing company. Shah’s company is an international financial company, handling investments and financial services for clients that it caters its business offerings to based on their needs. Shah saw the need for a boutique firm after learning about how saturated and competitive the industry already was.

In addition to the financial holdings business, Sanjay  has founded and still runs several other businesses, in the UK, Europe, and around the world. Shah has a habit of forming businesses where he sees an immediate need and has an idea to solve a problem or provide a service that is lacking. In doing this, all of his niche businesses have flourished and done well no matter what the industry or how much previous experience he has in the various industries. Autism Rocks is the only charitable foundation that Shah has formed, but the success and need for the services it provides has led to him creating a trust in order to ensure the foundations legacy. Through focused giving and charitable donations, Shah understands that he can better follow the success and impact of his work, much like he would measure in his other businesses and financial services that rely on smart business management and operations.

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