An Integration of Education and Technology

by WilliamV .

Classdojo is an exciting and academic-minded take on the social media craze. Developed from an idea that he had while witnessing the education system of the United States, United Kingdom native Sam Chaudhary returned to his home country and along with his friend Liam Don, created a kid friendly communication program. The idea was fairly simple; produce a social media platform that could be used in a classroom environment to help regulate classroom management for teachers and allow students to build friendships and rapport with one another in the process.

Classdojo allows students the opportunity to connect to one another and share videos, photos and schoolwork with one another, their teacher, and interestingly enough, their parents as well. Parents are given the opportunity to maintain constant monitoring abilities on what their young scholars are currently working on in class. This feature makes Classdojo a valuable instrument in parent-student interaction and gives parents more peace of mind for the activities being presented to their children when they are not physically present.

Another interesting feature to Classdojo is the behavior system. When students first create their profile for the application they are given an avatar that looks like a cute, small monster. Teachers have the ability to either give these avatars positive points for having a good attitude and following classroom rules and policies, or they can have these points taken away for disruptive behavior practices. Since parents can monitor what happens on their child’s account they are able to see these point differences and can then have a general idea of how their child is operating in class.

With a robust and user friendly interface, Classdojo provides an excellent basis for classroom based communication. The application acts as a social media program, but is limited to who the teacher allows into each grouping, making the environment safe for the children involved. Since social media is currently popular the students will feel more involved and interested in Classdojo and will therefore be more engaged in the application itself.

In a world that is currently moving quickly to a more online presence it only makes sense for more education based applications to appear for use. Technology is going to continue to advance and move forward and schools need to move as well.

Classdojo has become an extremely popular application and is used in over one third of all classrooms in the United States.


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